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Have You Seen This... is hosted by Andi of Andi's ABCs and Brittany of The Book Addicts Guide. This is an awesome feature for those searching for hard-to-find books such as ARCs and international copies. There is a linky where you can link up your post for others to see on Andi's and Brittany's blogs. Check out their blogs for more information about this awesome collaboration.

This is such a fun way help others find books that they have been trying to hunt down. Not only is this a way to find a coveted copy of a book you are looking for but this is a great way to build friendships and to check out new blogs.

I am having luck with this amazing feature and I have to thank Andi and Brittany! I am enjoying checking out other people's blogs and see what others' are looking for. It's interesting to see what books are popular in the YA scene.

There are certain books I have been searching for. I am a big fan of collecting the special collector's editions of books I love but I would love to own ARCs of certain books. Check out below to see what books I am looking for.


P.S. I Still Love You  - Thank you Melissa!
The Winner's Curse - Thank you Kristina!

Successful past trades:

#1 Have You Seen This...
#2 Have You Seen This...

If you have any of the books listed above and don't mind parting with them, please let me know. We can work something out. You can contact me at nicolesnovelreads(at)gmail(dot)com or DM me on Twitter.

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