Monday, February 5, 2018

Novel Notes: I'm Finally Starting to Heal

It's been a month since I've moved away from a toxic environment where it was consuming my life. Ever since 2016, my life has changed and it for the worst. My quality of life has plummeted. I was no longer sleeping well, my appetite was all over the place and my anxiety started increasing to the point that I had panic attacks. I would be crying multiple times a week and I wasn't happy with my life. It was affecting the relationships I had with people as well.

I was trying to get out of the situation in the fall of 2016 and no avail. Things were a little bit better for a few months of the winter but then everything got swept into a whirlwind for most of 2017. The fall of 2017 was the absolute worst. I almost hit rock bottom but I was strong enough to find a way out! I needed this! Not just for me, but for people who have seen me be defeated. One wound was opened in 2016 and before it was able to heal, I was striked again and again in 2017. Enough is enough and with hard work and new changes happening, I knew that I needed to change things for 2018.

I was able to officially leave the toxic environment during the beginning of January. 2018 is a year of change! Last November my fiancé and I were officially engaged and we plan to wed later this fall! I am looking forward to a year of possibilities and opportunities that will last a lifetime. It's been a month since I moved forward and I am completely happy with my decision. My quality of life has improved. I feel like a new person. I feel empowered! I finally have a sense of peace.

During these couple of years, I've noticed that my blogging was sporadic. Because I am at a better place right now, I am hoping to create more of a schedule for Nicole's Novel Reads. I am ready to reinvent myself!

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