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The Storybook Knight Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

I am so happy to be participating in The Storybook Knight Blog Tour! Thank you to Sourcebooks for this amazing opportunity to showcase a wonderful book. The Storybook Knight is full of adventure, magical creatures and gorgeous illustrations.

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Title: The Storybook Knight
Author: Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Publication date: September 6, 2016
Pages: 32
Source/format: Finished copy from Publisher
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Rating: ☆☆☆

Synopsis (from

Even dragons can’t resist a good story…

Even though Leo would rather sit at home and read, his parents send him out into the world in the hopes that Leo will become a famous knight. But when Leo comes up against the land’s most fearsome beasts, he soon discovers that scary monsters enjoy a good book as much as anyone…

M Y  T H O U G H T S

The Storybook Knight is about a mouse named Leo whose family wants him to be a famous knight. However, Leo loved reading books. Instead of violence he likes to solve things without confrontation. Throughout the story book, Leo goes on a journey to find a dragon to tame it. On the way he meets up with a griffin and a troll. The monsters try to attack him but he gives them books. Books with pictures of the griffin. Books with pictures of the troll. Both monsters accepts the book graciously. At last Leo encounters the mighty dragon but instead of fighting it, he is able to get the dragon help clean up the town and they both share books.

This children's picture book is a wonderful way to teach children that violence shouldn't be used. Being able to work things out with words is a much better way to deal with tough situations. Helen The Storybook Knight teaches children that reading is okay and it's a good thing. Books aren't bad. You can be brave and smart at the same time. You can be active and you can be a bookworm. Helen Docherty also teaches children that if they make a mess, they need to clean up after themselves. It was nice to show Leo sharing books with others. Sharing is caring after all.

This entertaining book has a wonderful rhyming scheme which makes this a quick picture book read. Thomas Docherty did an amazing job with the illustrations. I enjoyed the vivid watercolor characters and landscapes. Some of the pages also have an artistic theme of using circles and ovals which I thought was great in order to create a focal point. The cover art is matte except for the spot glossing for the title, the dragon and Leo the mouse. The gold foiling accents create a nice touch.

The Storybook Knight is a charming book for readers who are looking for adventure, creatures and those who just love books.


Helen Docherty was born and grew up in a small town called Weymouth, on the south coast of England. Her family was from Wales, and she inherited from them a love of stories. As a child, she spent most of her time either reading or writing. From an early age she started making books with her own stories and pictures in them. Helen took this very seriously, and was quite determined that she would be a writer when she grew up (She knew she was never going to make it as a ballet dancer, athlete or pop star).


Thomas Docherty was born in New Zealand but has spent most of his life in England. He studied metalwork and sculpture and now has a collection of acclaimed picture books. Thomas has been short-listed for a variety of awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2009 for Little Boat.


Enter for a chance to win an original sketch of Leo and Ned by illustrator, Thomas Docherty! Giveaway is provided by Sourcebooks.

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