Monday, March 13, 2017

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale - "I Was Feeling Epic"

WARNING: This discussion post contains spoilers about The Vampire Diaries series as well as the series finale. If you're not caught up with the series, I encourage you not to read any further unless you don't mind spoilers. Read at your own risk. Image from

The finale was EPIC and it was the perfect way to send off The Vampire Diaries. I have been a fan of the series since season 2. I have to admit that The Vampire Diaries is one of favorite shows to watch despite people laughing at the fact that I like the series. Sorry but not sorry. Only those who are fans of the show truly understand my feelings of why I love this series so much.

The heartbreaks, the action and the truly twisted plot kept me going. The series had its ups and downs but I ultimately stuck it out until the very end. Many of the story arcs in The Vampire Diaries are intriguing but during the season 5, it became harder to watch. The Travelers arc is probably my least favorite in the entire series and the series was faltering. But then The Vampires Diaries came back to life with the introduction of the Gemini Coven in season 6. All I can say is that Kai definitely amped up the series. However, it was obviously when we reached season 7 that the series was nearing its end. Season 8 is the last season and although I did not enjoy season 8 as much as the first three seasons of The Vampire Diaries, I still hold it dear to my heart. 

The Hell Bell in the final episode (episode 16 aka "I Was Feeling Epic") of Season 8/the series finale is significant. This one object determines what will happen to our beloved characters of The Vampire Diaries. Of course Bonnie saves the day but I was scared. Was she going to live or was going to die? This type of magic is beyond what her body can take. How many times has Bonnie pushed herself to the point where she is stuck between realms? Many. Because this is the finale, there is no way for anyone coming back to life. 

All fans of the series know that if a character dies, there is always a way to come back to life. That's the beauty of the series. You never know when someone is gone for good and there is always twists and turns that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. The return of many characters from season 1 is nostalgic. It brings everything to a full circle. 

The sacrifice at the end of the episode with the Salvatore brothers is intense! I knew one brother is going to die and one is going to live but who is it going to be? Of course I knew Stefan would die forever because of his nature. Stefan is now a human and because of his past, he wants to redeem for himself being a Ripper, killing many people but also the death of Enzo and him turning human paved the way to his death. He also blames himself for allowing Damon to complete the transition to turn into a vampire. Stefan only wanted the best for Damon and this is the time to pay back what he owed his brother since the 1800's. Stefan was never truly evil and always had a pure heart. Because he always put others before himself, it was important for him to make the ultimate sacrifice, not only to save the Mystic Falls, but also for Damon and Elena to live out a happy life together. 

However, both brothers wanted to be the one to sacrifice their life. Stefan just outsmarted Damon. I mean Damon compelling Stefan to leave was brilliant but Stefan was one step of the game by making sure he was vervained to avoid compulsion. He even gave the chance for Damon to live a human life. The last act of not only Stefan sacrificing his life but him being the one killing Katherine also made him a martyr. Stefan is one of my favorite characters but it was important for him to die at the end. The impact of the series finale would have not been the same if Damon was the one to go. Also, is it only me but I didn't see the chemistry between Stefan and Caroline. 

The Hello Brother scene is perfect for the ending of the episode since it truly brought the series to a full circle. The first season also had a scene of Hello Brother with the Salvatores. The ending is up to interpretation of what happened to Damon and Elena. However we truly will never know what the writers intentions are with this ultimate scene. At the end, everyone has reached a sense of peace and a life that they deserve after a long run of craziness. Some reached peace earlier and some reached peace later in their lives. It's closure for everyone.

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With every episode of The Vampire Diaries, never set your heart to something until the end. This finale seriously was messed up with the twist and turns but in a good way. I don't know how many times I ugly cried during this episode because I didn't know who we were going to lose for good. With the reunions and the deaths, I didn't know what to think. It was a lot to take in within an hour. 
Is "I Was Feeling Epic" epic enough? I say YES! This truly is the perfect ending to the series but there was closure to the series to the point where it can be a standalone. However, it can also open doors to crossovers to The Originals or another spin off.

The crossover many fans are hoping for is Klaroline. I am a huge fan of the Caroline and Klaus shipping. Because of the one single letter with a 3 million dollar donation from Klaus, there is hope for Caroline to possibly crossover to New Orleans to The Originals. I am being hopeful but I would love to see them rekindle their relationship. After all, the line "However long it takes" in the letter is in reference to what Klaus said to Caroline when he left to relocate to New Orleans.

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So did you watch the series finale to The Vampire Diaries last Friday? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Is it Epic enough? Are you disappointed or did you think it's the perfect ending?


  1. I never saw the chemistry between Caroline and Stefan either!! They were much better as friends! KLAROLINE FOREVER. I'm so hoping they'll bring her over to The Originals at some point. Plus, with the school she's helping run, it'd be good for Hope to go to.

    1. Yes, definitely better as friends. It reminds me of how Stefan helped Caroline when she was transitioning into becoming a vampire. He definitely brought out the best in her as a friend. Caroline would be an asset to The Originals if she does crossover. She can definitely help out Hope...who knows, maybe Josette and Lizzie get to meet Hope.