Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Harry Potter Appreciation Letter and Digital Holiday Card

I can't believe Christmas is around the corner. Elizabeth from Book YAbber and I decided to send digital holiday card to everyone. Not only did we decide to include this festive card but we wanted to write our own Harry Potter appreciation letter to J.K. Rowling for the holidays.

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Where do I begin? My life would not be the same without you writing the Harry Potter series. I am fortunate to have grown with Harry. Anticipating the next book or film is something I treasured and looked forward to. I have met so many people through Harry Potter and I have created countless of friendships. And of course Harry Potter doesn't just stop with the books. Harry Potter lives on in other forms! You have helped me many times when I was a teenage. You have guided me to adulthood and more. You have helped me find where I belong and who I am.

What I love about the fandom is the people who make up the fandom. These die hard Potterheads will create wizard rock, write Harry Potter fan fiction, organize Harry Potter conventions, produce Harry Potter fan made films and will create their own Harry Potter crafts. The series has captured many hearts of readers of all ages which is impeccable. The fact that Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter are opening worldwide is an amazing feat! Even though I never received my letter from Hogwarts, I know I can count being able to be transported into the magical world of Harry Potter because Harry Potter will always live on forever. We will always be coming home! Once again, thank you for writing this amazing series. Harry Potter is my life and without it, I don't know who I would be today.

Best wishes,

Do you have an appreciation letter for J.K. Rowling? What would you say to her? How has Harry Potter changed your life?

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