Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BEA and ARC frenzy

I know a lot of people are upset about the current news about the BEA and HarperCollins limiting physical ARCs. However, it's not the end of the world. BEA is a trade show mainly for the industry. Bloggers have been invited to BEA in the past but now there are restrictions about who can attend BEA. People need to realize that BEA is not an event for free ARCs. Yes, it can be an event to meet up with people but there are other events where you can meet up with friends. Other book festivals and book events are great places to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones. You can read more about the new BEA which is now called BookExpo here.

HarperCollins has been reducing how many physical ARCS are being sent out which is understandable. I knew for some quite while that many ARCs were going to be available in e-ARC format instead of print format. For publishers, it is an easier and a cheaper option. ARCS are quite expensive to produce so those who promote books to a larger following would be able to obtain physical ARCs. e-ARCs are not bad at all. Being offered the chance to read something early is called a privilege.

People also need to realize that you can blog without reading and reviewing ARCs. There are plenty of backlist titles out there to read. There are plenty of author events out there that you can attend and recap on your blog. And you know what? It can be pretty much almost free! The library provides free books to borrow. You only have to pay for transportation and food for the author events. There are also other things you can blog about. You can create your own feature, post about a book tag or even do a collab with other bloggers or even authors!

Also, this is a great way to return to your roots. Why did you start blogging? I am pretty sure it wasn't for free ARCs or books. In fact, many people don't even know what an ARC is when they first started blogging. Return back to the days where you will blog for fun and when you didn't stress out about reading, obtaining more titles and trying to outdo other bloggers.

Do you know what has been refreshing lately? Not reading ARCs all the time. Yes, you heard right. I have been taking a break from reading ARCs for awhile and it feel amazing! I am not saying that ARC reading is bad but sometimes I need a break from the ARC frenzy. Of course I am still reading but I am reading at a slower pace. I am not putting myself on a reading schedule and I am reading when I feel like reading. I will read some ARCs here and there but reading what I want and when I want is great. Toss out that reading schedule!

Lately, I have been utilizing my library for books. There are also many backlist books I want to pick up. Of course I have some pre-orders for books too but I am trying to budget since the holidays are around the corner. Instead of buying books for myself, I am buying books for friends and family.

With ARCs, it's best to read them before the publication date. I don't like reading ARCs after the titles have been published due to the many changes the finished copies have. ARCs are best promoted prior to the publication date to spread the word around. An ARC is usually given to someone in exchange for a review. Many times, people who love the ARC will spread the word about the title to their friends and readers of their blogs and reviews. However, sometimes it's nice to take a break and read what you want.

To tie this in with the BEA and ARC frenzy, I noticed many people wanting and taking ARCs but not reading them. This is actually more of a disservice for the authors and publishers. I mean, it's okay to read the title and passing it along if the book is not for you but the fact that people are purposely hoarding books to sell or trade is not that great. Also, the running to get ARCs at BEA is horrible. Seeing people swarm over publisher booths is distasteful. It's unprofessional and it gives a bad name for bloggers and that is why the publishing industry is changing their marketing tactics. These new tactics also might spark some new originality for your blog. ARC reviews are not everything.

Instead of quantity of books I read, I want to focus on the quality. I know not all books are for everyone but there has been some books that have been over-hyped and I am disappointed when I read them. I am hoping to read more books that I truly want to read instead of being sucked up into what is popular because frankly most of my well loved books are not popular titles...well maybe except Harry Potter but that's a different story.

Do you ever have an ARC break? Do you toss out that reading schedule and read what you want? What do you think about the current BEA and ARC controversy that has been going around social media? What do you think about returning back to your blogging roots? Share you thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I agree about the whole big Arc thing. Arcs have become a bigger thing than I think they need to be. And e-Arcs are more friendly and cheaper, so I totally understand.Arcs are nice to have, but you can see how they've become something less community and reader driven.

    My only issue with the BEA revamp is this quote: To date, BookCon has been dominated by what Reed calls “millennial females,” but the organizer hopes to broaden that audience in 2017.
    Which I feels is a bit of an attack on the publishing industry's biggest market and I felt insulted myself when reading that.
    But that's probably a whole other blog post discussion ;P

    1. I love the book community but the direction it is heading toward can be toxic. I like collecting some ARCs but I hate people are valuing ARCS more than finished copies. Why are some ARCs "worth" more than others? They aren't worth more but many people don't see that. The community should be celebrating the love for books and reading.

      In terms of the "millennial females," many of the YA community is predominantly in "millennial females" category. Most publishing house employees and readers of books are also "millennial females."

  2. What a great post Nicole. I completely agree with your views, and that things have gotten out of hand when it comes to ARCS and bloggers feeling entitled to having physical copies (especially when some "bloggers" don't even review or read the ARCs). I agree with Ellie about what Reed said regarding "millennial females". I think that whole things could have been worded differently to not discriminate or insult anyone. That was totally uncalled for.

    1. This sense of entitlement is crazy. I never knew people feel like someone owes them something. I thought people blogged because they love reading and love books. It shouldn't matter if you get something from it or not.