Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Sleeve Love

I have been obsessed with book sleeves lately. A book sleeve is a fabric pouch for your book. It keeps your book in good condition when you throw it in your bag when you commute. This prevents the pages and the cover from becoming bent, wrinkled or dirty. A book sleeve is generally made out of fabric and some kind of foam stabilizer to pad your book.

A book sleeve is a life saver for me since I commute a lot on the bus and train during the warmer months. I don't have time to read my book during a lunch break at work so I usually don't carry a book sleeve during weekdays. However, if there is a book event, I will put my books in book sleeves if I don't want them to be damaged. I love all the different fabrics of the books sleeves and some companies will have exclusive limited edition prints. 

The book sleeve makers that I normally follow have Instagrams. This is perfect because I set up notifications so I can see any new photos they might post of their upcoming sleeves they plan to sell. Check out the following makers of book sleeves that I highly recommend checking out!


1. The Cozy Life, run by Steffani, releases book sleeves on Mondays at 2:30 PST. I have the pleasure of purchasing two book sleeves from this shop and the quality is fantastic! I was pleased to see that she had a pre-order feature for her Beauty and the Beast design through her Instagram. It worked out well since she had a waiting list and she would contact people if they are still interested in a cozy. The Cozy Life provides book sleeves in three sizes. Sapling cozy fits e-readers. Pine cozy fits most paperback books and some small hardcovers. Redwood is a larger cozy and fits hardcovers and if you are lucky, some monster sized hardcovers like the Harry Potters.

Sapling - 7.5” x 5.5”
Pine - 9.5” x 7.25”
Redwood - 11” x 9”

2. Book Biff, run by Breanne, is currently going through a re-branding stage right now but her book sleeves are some of my very first that I have purchased. I have had the pleasure to purchase a couple Harry Potter related ones from her that I adore! She sells e-reader Biffs as well as standard size paperback Biffs. However, some of the standard size Book Biffs can hold smaller hardcovers as well.

Standard - 9” x 7”

3. Book Beau, run by Benita, may be the most well known book sleeve provider. Although, I haven't had the luck to purchase a Book Beau, I hope some of you will be lucky to snag one. Currently she has been running pop ups to give her audience a better chance of snatching a Book Beau randomly. FYI, her Book Beaus sell out in minutes or even seconds sometimes. Make sure you are a speedy mouse clicker. Book Beaus come in e-reader size, standard size and indie size (which holds slightly larger paperbacks).

E-reader - 8.5" x 6"
Indie - 10" x 8"

4. Story Time Sleeve just opened up a couple weeks ago but their prints differ from other companies which is a good thing. One of my friends purchased a book sleeve from this company and confirmed that it's good quality. So far there is one size Story Time Sleeves. The book sleeves will accommodate paperbacks and some smaller to medium sized hardcovers. What I love is how the book sleeves are lined with another fabric.

EDIT: I received a sleeve from Story Time Sleeve in a giveaway and I can vouch for its quality and the craftsmanship. 

Standard - 10.5" x 8"

5. Story Hero, run by Becky, makes very unique book sleeves. Her Story Heroes are slightly more expensive than the other companies mentioned by the quality is impeccable. So far, she makes my favorite book sleeves. You get your money's worth due to the fact that the Story Hero has a Velcro flap closure on the top of the book sleeve and it also has a front pouch to hold your sticky notes and bookmarks. Each front pouch has a literature saying or quote. Also, the inside lining is water resistant! So far there is a standard size Story Hero but even the standard size can hold a lot. I was able to squeeze a medium size hardcover into it.

Standard - 10" x 8"

6. Book Bubbie, run by Diana, sells three types of Book Bubbies. She carries mini, standard size and hardback sleeves. For those who want the hardback sleeves, customers must put in a custom order. The mini size fits mass market paperbacks while the standard size fits regular to larger sized paperbacks and possibly smaller hardcovers.

Mini - 8.5" x 6"
Standard - 9"x 7.5"
Hardback - Customized order


1. The Book Sac, run by Dharshini, is located in Australia. I believe there are only one size Book Sacs but the fabric prints are distinctive. Book Sacs are released on Fridays at 8 am AEST and Mondayss at 9 pm AEST.

Standard - 10" x 8"

2. Melvis Makes, run by Melanie, is located in the UK. She makes a variety of items from Book Buddys to pencil cases. With the Book Buddy you can either purchase a pre-made one or you can get a pre-order one to choose what color lining you want. There are four sizes to pick from which include small, medium, large and extra large. For e-reader size, the seller will customize the size so the Book Buddy hugs your e-reader perfectly.

E-reader - Customized order with flap
Small - 9" x 7"
Medium - 10" x 8"
Large - 11" x 8.5"
Extra Large - 12" x 9.5"

3. Green Leaf Baby is located in Canada. The shop sells e-book sized book sleeves as well as standard size book sleeves. The book sleeves have a soft minky lining and they are made-to-order book sleeves. The seller also sells baby bibs, pouches and taggie blankets.

E-reader - Customized order
Standard - 10" x 8"


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