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MISTI-Con 2017: Day 2 Recap

MISTI-Con 2017 was absolutely fantastic! It was my third time attending MISTI-Con and it certainly won't be my last. As mentioned in previous posts, MISTI-Con is located in Laconia, NH at the Margate Resort. This year, the convention provided a way for Potterheads to return home for a 20 year celebration of Harry Potter. At the Margate, we are allowed to have full reign of the hotel and grounds sans Muggles! The Margate lets MISTI-Con use their whole entire facility for programming, events, meet ups, etc. Pretty much the hotel was transformed into Hogwarts for 5 days. Don't forget to check out my other recap for MISTI-Con 2017 here: Day 1.

DAY 2: FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017

I woke up early to get changed for the day as Tina Goldstein and went to get some continental breakfast before my first panel. Unfortunately, it took me too long to grab breakfast that I missed out on the volunteer meet up at 8:30. However, I did make it early to the Felt Hat Making workshop that my friend's mom was teaching. I ended up assisting with table setup before everyone arrived. This workshop was limited to only 12 people and I was the first one because I was there so early. Jess was probably the second person who arrived. I loved learning the techniques of wet felting. At the last MISTI, I was graced with the opportunity to learn how to needle felt. Everyone ended up making a little witch hat out of merino wool. You can see mine in the picture on the left.

After the Felt Hat Making Class, I proceeded to the Madam Malkin's Clearance Rack in the Common Room with Jess. If you read about how my Day 1 went, I mentioned how I left my garment bag full of half of my cosplays and outfits at home. I took advantage of Madam Malkin's Clearance Rack and picked up some pieces so I can mix and match for the rest of the con. Fortunately, I was able to pick up quite a few pieces for a good price. I picked up a maroon colored Gunne Sax dress that was reconstructed for about $20. The dress has some gold detailing and the back has a black lace up. I'll show a picture of the dress in the Day 4 Recap when I wore the dress to the Yule Ball. I also picked up a black evening bag for $3, a black vest/waistcoat for $8 and a silver long skirt for $3. I ended up using everything but the bag during the con. I will post pictures of the vest and the skirt I wore for the Day 3 recap. Many people mentioned how the skirt reminded them of the invisibility cloak that Harry had. I'll have to call my skirt the invisibility skirt.

I ended up skipping the next panel in order to relax in the room for a bit. The con is ongoing with so many events and programming throughout the day so I knew it was important to recharge. I ended up eating some lunch at the Beach Bar with Alberto and Jess before wandering the grounds again. I had to get a cheeseburger because Jess pretty mentioned cheeseburger backpack at least ten times on Thursday into Friday. I caught the end of the Harp Twins's show at the Blackstone Lounge and bought two CDs from them. Camille and Kennerly are fantastic and I love how they interact with their fans! They love taking photos with everyone and they offered to sign the CDs. They also take their time talking with their fans. The twins' mother also helps out with the merchandise sales. Krissy, Seamus and Ni were there so we chatted a bit before I went to "A Brief Report on Potter Panic" panel.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill. I relaxed and caught up with old friends before getting takeout with Alberto and Jess. We ordered some Chinese food to eat in the room. So I never made it to the Merlie's at 7:00 but I did help Jess and Alberto carry up Lindt chocolates to the Common Room. We were able to bring up four aluminum trays full of house chocolates. Jess wrote down the names of the different types of chocolates and split them into four trays, one for each house. Let's say everyone adored them after the Merlies. I had to make a post on social media in order for the word to get around. Let's say Lockhart was bolting from the Merlies to the Common Room right after he found out about the house chocolates.

I ended up hanging out in the Common Room with Krissy and Seamus. I ended up taking pictures of Krissy's interpretation of possessed Tom Riddle complete with Tom Riddle's Diary. After awhile, we headed over across the street and I was able to see Krissy's room at the Slyther-Inn. The Margate recently renovated the Inn building
right before MISTI started pretty much. The updates were much needed and the place looks wonderful!

I did a costume change and threw on my silver invisibility skirt, tossed on the black vest on top of my white collared skirt and wore my black witch's hat. Krissy and I ended up going to the speakeasy event called An Evening of Duplicitousness and Debauchery at the World Famous Kneazle's Meow. I pretty much call it the Blind Pig like the speakeasy in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie. I mean I did find a poster of the Blind Pig outside of the Blackstone. There were wonderful acts including Lawrence Neals, Christine Evans and Paige Literati. Unfortunately, magician Nelson Lugo couldn't attend. My favorite acts were by Lawrence. There was an MACUSA auror raid during the speakeasy but it just added more authenticity!

I was too tired to head to the Unspeakable dance party, which I heard was marvelous! After the speakeasy event, I retreated back to the room for a show and changed into my PJs. I didn't leave my bed for a good solid 1-2 hours while I relaxed. I felt like sleep was more important than partying it up all night long since it was only Day 2 and I needed to take care of myself so I won't over do it and get sick. I ended up going to bed around 1:00.

Don't forget to check out the remaining days of MISTI-Con sometime this week. You can also search the hashtag #NicoleAtMISTICon on Instagram for some photos.

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