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Ranking Harry Potter Soundtracks

During Pottermas 2015, Elizabeth from Book YAbber and I ranked Harry Potter books and films. This year, we decided to rank the soundtracks. Marci from The Plot Bunny also joined us for the ranking for Pottermas 2016. After about 15 years of Harry Potter films and 4 composers later, Harry Potter has branched beyond the books. With the films comes amazing scores. The music intensifies the emotions. Hearing Hedwig's Theme gives me the chills every time I hear it. People associate it to Harry Potter. When I listen to the soundtrack, I can clearly visualize the scenes from the film. Also, follow us with the hashtag #Pottermas16.

My absolute favorite soundtrack is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but because we are focusing on the Harry Potter series, I will not go into detail about Fantastic Beasts!

1. Deathly Hallows, Part 2 by Alexandre Desplat starts with an emotional piece of Lily's Theme. This emotionally charged score is definitely my favorite. It's very moving and action packed. Each piece is striking in an unique way and I get the feels just listening to this heartbreaking yet triumphant score. It was very hard to limit my favorites so I'll share six of my favorite songs.

Favorites: Lily's Theme, The Tunnel, Statues, The Grey Lady, Courtyard Apocalypse, Resurrection

2. Prisoner of Azkaban by John Williams is wonderful. Willams' did a fantastic job to match the mood with the cinematography. The film is very dark and so is the score. The score it's own identity and it gives me the chills sometimes. However, there is a level of quirkiness the is uplifting. This is Williams' best Harry Potter score in my opinion. The score is very mysterious and mystical. I agree with others about Buckbeak's Flight being a departure from the innocence of SS and CoS. The rest of Harry's journey becomes extremely darker as he progresses through his life.

Favorites: Double Trouble, Buckbeak's Flight, A Window to the Past, Mischief Managed

3. Goblet of Fire by Patrick Doyle is an interesting piece since it includes some pieces with actual lyrics. This score is the turning point or the gamer changer of the whole entire series. The score leading to the Triwizard Tournament and the aftermath are equally as important.

Favorites: The Quidditch World Cup, Foreign Visitors Arrive, Voldemort

4. Deathly Hallows, Part 1 by Alexandre Desplat is the beginning to an intense film. Although, it's no as strong as DH pt. 1, it still has the power to draw out emotions. So much goes on in DH.

Favorites: Snape to Malfoy Manor, Lovegood, The Deathly Hallows

5. Half-Blood Prince by Nicholas Hooper is a step up from Hooper's OotP score. The score opens up very strongly but starts to waver and rise as the score progresses.

Favorites: Opening, In Noctem, Harry and Hermione, Into the Rushes

8. Order of the Phoenix by Nicholas Hooper is has some memorable songs. However, Flight of the Order of the Phoenix is a sensational cue despite the shortness of it.

Favorites: The Room of Requirement, The Sirius Deception, Flight of the Order of the Phoenix

6. Chamber of Secrets by John Williams is a bit darker that SS and for good reason. The Sorcerer's Stone is very innocent and as the we delve into later films, the scores get darker because the books and films get darker. Because both SS and CoS films is directed by the same director, I felt like Williams wanted to make CoS score a continuation of SS.

Favorites: Fawkes the Phoenix and The Flying Car

7. Sorcerer's Stone by John Williams created Hedwig's Theme which is pretty much Harry Potter's quintessential theme song! This score is very innocent and cheery since it represents Harry discovering the wizarding world. This is our first glance time experiencing Harry Potter through music and it's magical! However, Harry doesn't know what he is up against.

Favorites: Quidditch Match, Christmas at Hogwarts, Hedwig's Theme

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What is your favorite Harry Potter Soundtrack? Do you have a favorite song/track?