Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Read All Requested e-ARCS

Do you ever request an e-ARC on Netgalley or Edelweiss? Are you excited to read the upcoming title because you love the author or because you fell in love with the synopsis? Would you drop what you are doing to read the e-ARC right away? But do you always read all of your e-ARCs that you've requested from publishers?

I started requesting on Netgalley sometime in 2014 and on Edelweiss mid 2015. However, I am the type of person who wants to score high on things so my Netgalley percentage is currently 90% with only a couple of books that I still need to review. With Edelweiss there is no percentage gauge but I always like to read my e-ARCs. Currently on Edelweiss, I have one that I am approved for that I still need to read but the pub date is April 2017.

The good thing about e-ARCs is that they make sure that I am accountable when I request titles. If I request a title, I will have to read the book in a timely manner and I will need to leave a review. This method has helped me figure out what titles I want to read now compared to what titles I can read later. It also helps me not over request or to be greedy. It's a privilege to be approved for a title and I don't want to overstep that privilege by requesting and not reviewing the title. Why request titles if you don't plan to read them at all? By requesting a title, there is an agreement to promote and to review the book. By not reading a title you are approved, you are taking that opportunity from someone else who is dying to read the title and who wants to promote and review it.

How to read e-ARCS in a timely manner?

First thing is not to over request titles. How many books can you read in a month? What is the pub date of the e-ARC you plan to request? Can you read the e-ARC before the pub date? What other books do you already have on deck for your reading queue at the moment? These are some of the questions you need to answer before you decide whether to request on Netgalley and Edelweiss.

Second thing is to read the e-ARCs you've already requested before requesting more. Don't force yourself to read a title but you don't want to rush read at the last minute. You want to be able to give yourself adequate time to read the book and to write a good review. 

How to build up your percentage ratio on Netgalley?

Try to read all the titles you've requested on Netgalley. I know this might be difficult if you request a lot of titles but try to keep up with your current requests and limit yourself when requesting titles in the future. By keeping your e-ARC reading queue small, it will be easier to read all the titles you have on your dashboard.

Also, did you know that even if a title is archived, you can still leave a review for the book? Definitely take advantage of this. Read a finished copy and submit that review! Your percentage ratio should go up if you submit reviews for all the archived titles you've requested. I would not suggest letting your requested e-ARCs archive before you review but if you are starting to increase your ratio, definitely look into this. After you reviewed all the archived titles, make sure to read future e-ARCs in a timely manner.

To request or not to request?

So, how do you decide whether to request an e-ARC? I know it's hard to retrain from clicking request on Netgalley and on Edelweiss. It's so easy to have trigger fingers but in reality you want to be careful what you request and how often you request. Only request a title that you know you are interested in now until the pub date. If you have a hard time reading books on a whim because you are a definite mood reader, maybe not requesting is a good thing. If you are questioning yourself whether or not to request the title, don't request it. Only request the title if you are 100% that you will read the book and will review it.

Do you read all requested e-ARCs? Do you have trouble maintaining a high reading percentage ratio? Leave your comments below.


  1. I haven't read or requested any ARCs in the last two years as I need to read my own books for now but my Netgalley ratio is 100%. If I request a book I want to read, I will ensure it is read and reviewed in good time. That is my part of the bargain in getting this review copy. I wouldn't feel right in not doing what I said I would or having my ratio below 100%. I get that people want to read all these great books on offer but you do need to ensure you have time to do it all. When I did ARCs, they and blog tour books took preference over everything I bought myself. I plan to start requesting the off book from Netgalley again but my ratio will remain complete! Great post!

    1. There is less pressure when you can just read your own books without worrying about deadlines. My ratio is only below 100% when I get approved for a e-ARC. I always read and review the titles I request before the pub date and archive date.

      I know many people request a lot and they don't end up reading the titles they request. I would feel bad to just leave the titles there and not to read them. After all, someone else could have benefited from the e-ARCs that went unread.

  2. I've heard about a lot of people going crazy on NG when they first started using it, but I never went through that phase lol, so my percentage has pretty much stayed above 80%. I'm not perfect, I do have a couple books on there from early or mid 2016 that I still need to read, but I'm not even sure either were ARCs to begin with, and I'm not fretting because I know that I will get to them at some point this year, and posting a review at any time is still helpful to the book.

    I do try to get ARCs reviewed on time though. I'm a mood reader, so that can make it tough, but I'm picky, so that helps. And I keep track of the review copies I have in date order so that I can constantly see what's coming up and kind of choose based on my mood from a small pool of upcoming books. That helps too!

    1. Many people are click happy when they first start using Netgalley. I too made this mistake when I first started using Netgalley and some e-ARCs archived before I had a chance to finish reading them. However, I was determined to keep my score high and made sure to read the titles no matter what form in order to write a good review for each titled I requested. Afterwards, I always try to keep my percentage ratio to 80% or higher.

      That's good that you keep track of you review copies and sort them by date. It's very helpful to keep on top of things even if you are a mood reader.

  3. I really need to pay more attention to stuff like release and archiving dates when I request... I do read very fast, but even so, I have a dreadful habit of going "oh, that's the next book in the series! I'll just reread the last one first"... and then missing the release date.

    1. I have a spreadsheet where I jot down all the release dates. e-ARCs usually archive on release dates or soon after the release dates.