Friday, January 30, 2015

Looking Ahead: Never Always Sometimes Cover Reveal

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Adi Alsaid just mentioned on Twitter about his new book Never Always Sometimes. The cover was revealed earlier today. The novel has a release date of August 4, 2015. I am looking forward to this novel. Even though Let's Get Lost wasn't my favorite, I hope I like this one. The synopsis looks promising.

According to Alsaid on Alloy Entertainment's site, he mentioned the following:

"We are six months away from the release of NEVER ALWAYS SOMETIMES, but as I learned with LET’S GET LOST, it’s never too soon to start the journey! Or is it sometimes too soon? Just kidding, as always. Okay, I promise that’s the last of the bad title-based jokes in this post.

I’m thrilled to be presenting the cover of my second novel, and so excited for everyone to get to meet Dave and Julia. The night before high school started, these two loner best friends came up with The Nevers, a list of clichés they promised themselves never to do. They didn’t want to change in high school, didn’t want to become like everyone else. But now it’s March of Senior year, and time is dragging on. Out of sheer boredom—or maybe something else—Dave and Julia decide to check off every item on the list, confident that they avoided turning into high school cliches. Their adventures lead them to parties, road trips, and to a handful of unexpected realizations about the people they’ve spent four years avoiding.

NEVER ALWAYS SOMETIMES was a lot of fun to write, especially because of the chemistry that naturally developed between Dave and Julia. After the sprawling, ensemble-cast feel of LET’S GET LOST, it was great to change gears and zoom in on two people that are as close as it gets (though not that close; Never date your best friend was the last item on the list). It’s an intimate book, and—dare I set myself up for people disagreeing?—a funny book. I hope readers, new and returning alike, will fall in love with Dave and Julia like I did, and discover that, every now and then, it’s okay to embrace the clichés."

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