Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 7 of the 12 Days of Book Blogmas

I was reading Ashley's Books to Tea blog earlier this month and I stumbled upon the 12 Days of Book Blogmas that Rachel at Parajunkee is hosting. I wanted to do something festive this month for the blog but haven't found the right Book Blogmas to participate in. Parajunkee's 12 Days of Book Blogmas is definitely right up my alley. The seventh day is today and the 12 Days of Book Blogmas will continue for 5 days until December 25th.

Day 7: Tell a Tale

I don't have too many traditions during the holiday season since I don't live with my parents and sister anymore. However, one thing I always do for the holidays is going to my maternal grandma's house on Christmas Eve to spend time with the family.

We usually have Chinese takeout for dinner, a wide assortment of desserts, we take lots of pictures of all the cousins and the kids 18 and under get to open presents. I always make some kind of dessert to bring over. Baking is my specialty and I love sharing baked goods with my loved ones.

Speaking of baked goods, I like to gift tins of cookies as gifts. Usually, I will gift tins of snickerdoodles because they are simple and festive at the same time. I have not heard one complaint from someone not liking snickerdoodles.

I also bring these snickerdoodles to my boyfriend's aunt's house on Christmas Eve. We usually go to his side of the family before going to my side of the family for the holidays. Usually my boyfriend's family will hide the big tin of cookies I give them until after everyone eats Spanish food for dinner. 
Yes, there are two dinners. However, during the past few years, I have been eating the dinner at my boyfriend's side of the family and dessert at my side of the family's. 

When I have more time to plan out dessert I will make fancier ones like this Apple Pithivier I made for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Eve is when I get together with family and friends. After the family events, my boyfriend and I will exchange gifts with friends at someone's house. This usually ends the night. 

Christmas Day is fairly simple. We sleep in and enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning. After breakfast we open presents and relax. I love relaxing on Christmas Day. 

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And of course I will read books during the mini break...especially ones I receive around the holidays.

What traditions do you partake in during the holidays?

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