Thursday, February 4, 2016

Harry Potter Book Night: A Night of Spells

Today is the day to celebrate the second Harry Potter Book Night. Potterheads around the world are celebrating this special day with a lot of wizarding games, food and more! It's a spellbinding event not to miss. Even though your local library or bookstore is not hosting an event, you can always celebrate with family or with friends. Do a re-read of a Harry Potter book or start a Harry Potter movie marathon. You can play a Harry Potter game or throw a harry Potter themed party! Use the hashtag #HarryPotterBookNight to celebrate February 4th, the Harry Potter Book Night: A Night of Spells. Why you're at it, check out Pottermore for the relaunch of the sorting quiz!

Did you miss the Harry Potter celebration in Orlando, Florida at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Don't worry, check out the recaps on Mugglenet: Day 1 and Day 2. You can also check twitter with the hashtag #HPCelebration for more news. Also, four new wizarding schools have been announced and some sneak peaks or behind the scene videos of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the Cursed Child have bee revealed.

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I am super excited about the American school called Ilvermorny. The other three schools include Mahoutokoro, Uagadou and Castelobruxo. A total of 11 wizarding schools are located around the world and so far we know seven of them. I am loving all the Harry Potter related news lately and it puts my heart at ease knowing that Harry Potter is a classic and will live on forever.

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