Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Should You Purchase a Finished Copy?

With so many ARCs floating around, why do we need to buy finished copies? Let's face it, ARCs are not free to make. They actually cost more to produce than a finished copy. ARCs are usually paperback and aren't as sturdy as a finished copy. They are only meant to last for promotional purposes. They are fairly fragile because they aren't put together that well.


Please do not see ARCs as free books. They are not free. Usually when an ARC is distributed, it is implied that the reader will review the book or at least spread the word about said book. If you have a blog, post your review. If not, post it on Goodreads. Even better, go cross-post your opinion about the book on retail sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you love a book so much, please consider in pre-ordering or purchasing a finished copy. Not only will these sales help support the author but you will have a completely revised and final copy. Trust me, the final copy is gorgeous and it's made to last!

Also, sometimes sales will determine whether the next book in a series will be published. If you want to read that upcoming book in a series you love, please buy a finished copy of the book that is already published. Sometimes publishers need to met a certain quota in order to give the okay to publish certain titles.


For some purchasing finished copies add value to their collection. There are some authors that you will buy a book from no matter what they write. Adding a new title to your collection by your favorite author is one of the best feelings in the world. So what if you have 5+ copies of the same title in your collection. If you love the book so much, it's okay to own multiple versions of a book. Some books come out with limited or special editions. Some people like to own foreign copies of a title. Not only are you adding to your collection but you are also supporting your favorite author.


There are some books that you might only read once but if there's a book that you plan to read multiple times, you might as well purchase yourself a finished copy. This way you can re-read the book whenever you want and how often you want without worrying about waiting for it to be available at the library. Sometimes the re-read titles might go hand-in-hand with favorite titles.

How often and why do you purchase finished copies? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Great post! I like to buy finished copies of ARCs that I really liked too. For all the reasons you mentioned, basically! I mean, if it is a book that I didn't love, granted I am not going to go out and drop money on it, but I will still of course post my review and such. But yeah, I feel like if I loved the book and want to re-read or whatever, then I will get a finished copy. Plus then I can even do a giveaway for the ARC and spread the word even more!

    Also, the collector thing made me look at my ridiculous Hunger Games collection ;) OH and I purchase finished copies probably far more often than I should- or at least that's what my bank account says ;)

    1. I try to buy finished copies of ARCs that I loved or at least put it on my wishlist to get at a later time. Giveaways for the ARC is always fun to get the word out and same goes for reviews.

      I don't blame you for wanting to collect every Hunger Games book out there. Your collection is amazing! How many copies to you own now?

  2. I love this post, of course.

    Honestly, I struggle with buying books. I wound up buying way too many as a bookseller (with my employee discount) and still feel the guilt from that. I use my monthly reading tracker posts to keep myself honest and get a better sense of how much I'm spending on books which has been a huge help.

    When it comes to supporting authors, I try to balance my lack of book buying with really touting reviews for books I love and also "adopting" out ARC so that even more people read and review titles. I try to buy at least one book at any signing I attend both to support authors and bookstores but often that's my cap. I balance this by offering to buy signed copies for friends who can pay me back afterward so I'm doing my part without breaking my budget.

    When it comes to ARCs I read . . . I have to admit I often keep them. If I really, really loved the book--especially if it's in a series--I will buy finished copies. But other times I just go with the ARCs. It's an inexact thing and one I probably won't change for a while although I try.

    1. I struggle with buying books too and I am trying to be picky about what I buy. I will never stop reading or stop supporting authors even if I can't buy all the books.

      In terms of ARCs, I usually keep them if I enjoy the book a lot or if they have sentimental value. Most of the time, I will give them away. If I can't buy a finished copy of a book I love, I will put it on a wishlist so hopefully I will be able to obtain the finished copy in the future. I also love buying books I love for friends.