Thursday, June 23, 2016

Favorite Reading Spots

Do you ever think about where you read a book? Are you one of those people who can only read in certain locations or are you someone who can read on a whim anywhere? Personally, I can almost read anywhere but there are some locations I would call my favorite reading spots.

1. My Bed
I am a huge fan of reading right before bed. There is something about diving into a book before a good night's worth of rest. Sometimes it inspires my dreams.

2. Outside 
I love reading outside when the weather is nice. Sitting under a tree or reading on the deck with a glass of lemonade is a nice way to enjoy the weather and to catch up on some good books.

3. At the Beach or the Pool
Catch some waves and soak up the sun while reading a book. Just make sure you slather on that sunscreen.

4. On the Subway
I am one who loves reading on the subway. Because I use the subway often, I am always looking forward to passing the time. Reading is a good way to make the ride more enjoyable. The only thing I have to worry about is not missing my stop.

5. The Library
If I am browsing around at the library, I will often read a chapter of a book or two before taking a book out unless I am sold based on the synopsis. The library also provides a nice environment to enjoy reading.

6. At a Café/Coffeehouse/Teahouse
I often like to visit a café to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea with a book on hand. Cafés that have the nice squishy comfy couches are my favorite!

7. In the Kitchen
I am often cooking or baking. When I am baking, I like to read in the kitchen while I wait for the timer to go off to check on the oven. Also, books go well with sweets like cookies or cupcakes.

Where do you like to read? Do we share any of the same favorite reading spots?


  1. Fun post, Nicole! :) Funnily enough, my bed is the one place I never read. The lighting isn't the best in there for reading plus once I hit the bed I'm usually out like a light within minutes. LOL I looove reading poolside (only under shade) but typically that's only on vacation. My usual spot is my big comfy chair in my reading room. I can recline if I want to, I have a nice throw, a small table for a drink... oh yeah, once I'm in there I'm set. :)


    1. Poolside under the shade is nice during vacations. I wish I had a big comfy chair to read. I hope I get one in the future :D.

  2. I like to read before bed too, but I can't physically read in bed. Too uncomfortable. Always left with backaches. Luckily, I have an arm chair in my bedroom for late night reading sessions.

    OUTSIDE! That's my favorite place to read by far! Iced tea, sun, and literature. Ah, yessssss!

    I would like to try reading at a cafe, but I'm so easily distracted I would probably just end up people watching. Writer habit. LOL.

    I also read in the kitchen. When I'm waiting for dinner to finish baking, I sit on the floor and read. I think Devin tripped over me once. LOL.

    This was such a fun post. I wonder where others enjoy reading. You've covered all of my favorite spots.

    1. You sit on the floor to read when you are in the kitchen? Lol. I usually stand if I am waiting for something to cook or bake.

  3. Nicole, I LOVE this post. I was thinking of doing a similar one at some point too (hope I can reference yours...I'll link you when I do). I love reading by the ocean, and nothing beats the comfy chair or bed in your home with a cup of tea and warm socks. I also enjoy reading by my fireplace in the winter with a cup of hot chocolate. Reading at the library is also a favorite because I just love being surrounded by books and that "old book" smell. Great list!

    1. I can't wait to read your list! Yes to the tea and warm socks when the weather gets a bit chillier. I love reading near a fireplace and keeping toasty warm with a mug near by.