Saturday, November 1, 2014

E-book vs. Print Books

There is always a battle between book formats and there are always pros and cons for choosing physical print books or e-books. Is one better than the other?

I prefer reading physical print books but I do read e-books on my Nook. I usually get a lot of my books from the library and will buy books if I am very interested in particular titles and/or authors. I didn't start reading e-books until around 2011 when I bought my first Nook. I currently own the Simple Touch Nook and I love it to death. When traveling on public transit or if I plan to travel by car, train or plane, I love bringing my Nook with me because I can carry a wide selection of books in the palm of my hand. The fact that I have access to all seven Harry Potter books and can read them whenever I want without lugging all the books around makes me extremely happy. I do own a set of hardcovers as well. Also, e-books are eco-friendly. E-books are often cheaper to purchase and there are always great deals online. There are hundreds of free e-books and many books will be discounted $0.99-$2.99. I do occasionally receive e-ARCS and will read them on my e-reader as well for review.

If I am reading at home, I prefer the physical book. The experience is different. The feeling of the paper between your fingers and the smell of the books are two things you can't experience when reading a e-book. Since I visit the library frequently, most books checked out from there are hardcovers. I do own mostly hardcovers if I want to own and collect books. Occasionally, I will buy the paperback versions depending on cost and cover art. I am a sucker for good cover art so if there is a paperback with a better cover art design than a hardcover, I will purchase the paperback. This is true for a series. Also, I purchase multiple copies of books I love very much, especially if there are special editions. I do attend many book events. Therefore, having physical copies is awesome if you want your favorite authors to sign your books. I love meeting authors and getting my books signed. Check out Why Readers Still Prefer Paper. 

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However, reading is still reading. If I can get my hands on a book I want to read, I will read it regardless if it's a physical book or an e-book.

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