Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten Tuesday asks bloggers to list their top ten characters we wish would get their own book. Mine are not in any particular order.

1. Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series because reading about his life would be fascinating. Who doesn't like Sirius Black and doesn't want to know more about his childhood at Hogwarts?

2. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series because I would love to read about what she thinks about the magical world with her whimsical outlook on things. Also, she is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series.

3. Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series because we know very little about her and I love her character. I just want to read more about her.

4. Arin from The Winner's Curse because I want to hear Arin's story.

5. Marlee Tames from the Selection series because I am interested to see how her life is as being one of the selected.

6. Archer Cross from the Hex Hall series because he is mysterious and caught in the middle of loving Sophie and pledging his loyalty to the The Eye.

7. Jill Dragomir from The Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines Series because we know little about Jill in the Vampire Academy series and only a small fraction about her life in the Bloodlines Series. I would love to read about her story about finding out that she is descended from the Dragomir line and how she is handling her bond with Adrian.

8. Charlotte Branwell from the Infernal Devices series because she is a strong, kickass woman. Being the first female Consul is huge and she deserves her own book to tell her story.

9. Reagan from Fangirl because who doesn't want to know about Cath's roommate? I also want to know how she met Levi.

10. Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games series because I would like know his story about winning the 65th Hunger Games and how he feel in love in Annie Cresta.

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