Sunday, September 27, 2015

Banned Books Week 2015

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Banned Books Week is being held September 27th - October 3rd. Every time I think about censorship, I always think about Fahrenheit 451 with Guy Montag and the historical role of book burning. By censoring books or even films and music, we are creating an environment where people cannot have the freedom of speech. The government and authority like to censor things because they are fearful of the ideas portrayed in these mediums. They think the ideas will corrupt the masses and they fear the masses will go against authority. By censoring they believe they have control over everyone. Censorship shows how authority lacks the confidence and trust of its people.

Not only has many good books have been censored but the reasoning why the books are being censored are ridiculous. This year it the 33rd annual Banned Books Week and it is important to spread the awareness of the freedom to read. We need to protect the rights to be able to write, read, watch and listen to some of the most fantastic literary ideas. This is our past, present and future. We need to preserve history! We need to protect the freedom to read and access to open information. We should be able to encourage children to read. Literacy rates are important and by denying children access to certain books, we are denying them access to education.

“We must teach students about their First Amendment rights rather than restrict their use of particular books and materials. As educators, we must encourage students to express their own opinions while respecting the views of others.”— Pat Scales

What are your thoughts about censorship?  Are there any banned books that you enjoyed reading?

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