Monday, November 23, 2015

Bookish Gift Guide: All the Little Things

I know it's only November but face it, the holiday season is so busy. Whether you are cooking, baking, decorating the house, going caroling or attending holiday parties, the more you have time to plan out gifts ahead of time the better. I already mentioned some wonderful literary clothing and accessories to gift to loved ones but what about items like candles and bookmarks? I included a couple of accessories in this guide as well because you can never have too many bookish accessories.

1. The Melting Library | By the Wyrd Collection - Throne of Glass Inspired Candles - $18.00
The Melting Library has a good variety of literary inspired candles for all of your bookish friends and family members. I am not a big fan of Sarah J. Maas books but I know a lot of my blog readers are. This candle duo features Fae Warrior (Rowan) and Fireheart (Aelin). The Fae Warrior smells like pine and snow while Fireheart gives a throw of lemon verbena, jasmine and crackling fire. These scents are definitely up my alley and are perfect for the winter! Also, who doesn't like the cute library date card labels?

2. Form and Flux | Enchanted Library Candle - $14.86
Who doesn't like the smell of pages of books? This soy candle has aromas of vanilla, parchment, honey and coffee beans. It's as if you were surrounded by shelves of books.

3. Anthology Candles | Wardrobe Into Narnia Candle - $16.00
Do you remember the Chronicles of Narnia? Well this 8 oz. soy candle smells just like Narnia with the scent of cedar wood, juniper trees, winter berries and crisp winter air. This makes a perfect candle for the colder months.

4. Paddywax | Edgar Allan Poe Library Candle - $21.00
Paddywax makes some amazing candles and I am in love with their library candle collection. Of course I had to showcase Poe because he's one of my literary classic favorites. The soy candle's fragrance includes notes of cardamom, absinthe and sandalwood. Check out Paddywax for additional scents and collections.

5. The Raspberry Finch | Tea and Books Wooden Pin - $12.41+
How cute is this wooden pin? Proudly share you love for tea and books!

6. Outop | Wooden Scholar's Antique Book Tissue Box Dispenser - $15.75
The temperatures are dropping and more people are getting the sniffles. Although many people are getting sick this time of year, at least you can be sick with bookish style. How cute is this tissue box cover?

7. The Literary Gift Company | So Many Books! Bookends - £15.95
You can never have too many books and why not showcase your favorite books between some awesome bookends? You have to agree there is not enough time to read all the books.

8. BookedYouUp | Once Upon A Time Magnetic Bookmark Set! - $2.50/each and $11.00/set
How cute are these bookmarks? BookYouUp also carries a variety of other fandoms including Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments and The Young Elites.

9. Happy Hello Co. | Protectors Magnetic Bookmarks - $13.85
Happy Hello Co. makes some of the cutest fandom bookmarks I have ever seen. The Protectors aka The Mortal Instruments set is definitely one of my favorite sets on the website. I currently own the
Between Angels and Demons set and they are perfect!

10. The Geeky Cauldron | Birds Tattoo Necklace - $10.00
Have a friend or family member that loves Divergent? Gift them a necklace similar to Tris Prior's tattoo.

11. Evie Seo | Books are Uniquely Portable Magic Mug - $15.00
Evie Seo has some amazing quotes designs on Society6. Not only are the quotes amazing but she has stunning artwork that goes well with each quote. Make a bookish friend or family member's day with a bookish mug, tote bag or T-Shirt.

12. Decal On Top | The Giving Tree Decal Sticker Vinyl - $9.99
This cute decal will transform any Macbook into a literary piece of art. Decal On Top features a bunch of different decals and not just for the MacBook. There are quote and other fandom decals for your wall, computer and car.

13. Topatoco | Card Catalog Flash Drive - $20.00
This adorable flash drive is in the shape of a card catalog drawer and holds 8 GB. This will be perfect to save your manuscripts or blog posts to bring on the go.
14. Danika58 | Book Washi Tape - $3.90
Do you have someone on your list who loves planners, journaling and/or crafting? I bet they will love this cute bookish washi tape to decorate their pages and cards.

15. Lithographs | Romeo and Juliet Book Tote - $29.00
Lithographs creates art from entire text from a book. You can choose from tote bags, T-shirts and posters. They have a variety of classics to more modern titles. According to the Lithographs website, the tote bags are highly water-resistant and include a five-inch inner pocket. They measure 17"w x 14.75"h, with a 9" hanging strap and flat bottom. The average Litographs tote bag contains approximately 20,000 words. This is definitely a fun, unique yet useful gift.

16. Literary Lacquer | Felix Felicis Nail Polish - $10.00
As some of you might know, I am an indie nail polish addict. I am always on the look out for unique polishes from some of the best indie nail polish creators. Literary Lacquer creates polishes inspired by books. How cool is that? This particular nail polish is inspired by the lucky potion in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

If you every need recommendations for indie nail polish companies, please let me know. I can provide a fairly lengthy list of companies to check out. Also, check out my Harry Potter Gift Guide on Friday, December 4th. This will be part of the Pottermas 2015 month long feature where Elizabeth from Book YAbber and I will be talking about Harry Potter all December long!


  1. I love this so much! I have seriously just opened ALL the links so I can add stuff to my wishlist. The nail polish? GORGEOUS. And people seem to love it, so it must be good quality, if the more than a thousand reviews are to be trusted. I mean, did you see Fallen Tribute? I need that in my life!

    I could spend ALL my money in Evie's shop. Every last dime. Her stuff is gorgeous. I bought some prints because I had to have something and I am broke haha. But obviously, ALL the things will be on my Christmas list. (Someone should petition her to make Hunger Games quotes... ;) )

    And I may actually buy the Flight of a Mockingjay candle right this second. Actually... yep. I am. I have like, $15 left on my birthday gift card. These shops should all probably pay you commission when I am done :D

    I have to be stopped now, before I have spent all the money ;) Thanks for sharing these!!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. I had to refrain myself from buying some of these items for myself. Evie Seo has too many awesome designs! I agree her designs are gorgeous! Definitely suggest Hunger Games quotes to her because she will create designs for them.

      Let me know how the Flight of the Mockingjay candle turns out :D. I am glad you enjoyed the gift guide.

    2. I love Evie's design, her being a bookish blogger certainly helps as she knows what we like! I wish I had been able to buy, buy and buy more from her Black Friday Sales :(

    3. Yeah. I bought some stuff for friends for Christmas but nothing for myself. I am loving these Black Friday sales with the % off and the free shipping.

  2. That Giving Tree decal is adorable! (The tissue box cover is also pretty neat...)

    1. Isn't it? It works perfectly with a Macbook.