Friday, November 20, 2015

Overcoming Reading Slumps

No one likes to be in a reading slump but it happens even to the best of us. You can never anticipate a slump unless you know you will be busy and you won't have time to read. However, for most people, reading slumps just pop out of know where. So how do you get out of that slump?

Taking a break. Sometimes you need to take a break from reading and do other things. Get some fresh air and take a walk, bake or cook, run some errands or partake another hobby for the time being. Your brain might need a rest from all the reading you've been doing.

Read a different book/genre. If you're like me, you might be a mood reader. Sometimes I might be half way done with book and I just don't feel like continuing. That's totally fine because I can always put down the book and start a new one. This often happens when I feel like reading a book with a different genre. One day I might feel like reading fantasy and the next day I might pick up a contemporary.

Buddy read or join a read-a-long. Sometimes it's easier to read a book when you have someone to share your opinions and thoughts with. It makes the reading experience more interesting because you can discuss the book with a fellow buddy.

Re-read a favorite. Everyone has a list of their favorite books. Maybe you just need a change in pace and a reason why you love to read. Revisiting a favorite book will remind you why you love reading so much and a favorite book is always book you would want to read. It won't feel forced.

Limit distractions. Are you the type of reader that needs all attention on the book? Maybe you might want to turn off the TV or choose a time of day when it's quiet. Perhaps you're always on your phone tweeting or checking instagram. Put aside your phone and on silent for the duration you plan to read.

Try an audiobook. Maybe you just need a change of media? Why not try an audiobook? This is especially helpful when you are swamped and need the time to do other things. You can multi-task and not feel bad for not reading. Using different senses actually might help you understand a book differently as well.

Watch a BookTube video. Sometimes when I am in a slump, I like to watch a BookTube video or have it playing in the background when I am blogging. Seeing BookTubers talking about books and sharing their thoughts definitely puts me in the mood to pick up a book.

Blog. Sometimes blogging will help those creative juices churn and sometimes it will help put your mind at ease. With all these bookish thoughts swirling in your head, it may be nice to let go of these thoughts in a bookish related blog post. This way you brain isn't bogged down.

Read at your own pace. Reaching a goal of how many books to read is always a challenge but never force yourself to read a certain amount of books or pages in a given time period. Reading is suppose to be fun and not a chore. Don't forget that not all books are the same length. Mix it up and pick up a graphic novel or a shorter in length book if it helps you reach your goal.

Stop and move on.  Don't force yourself to read a book. If you do, you won't enjoy the book to its full potential. If the above tips don't work, then maybe the book is not for you. If you still feel like you're in a slump, you might feel like not finishing the book. And that's okay. Some books are not for you and it's okay not to like every book you read. A book that is a five star for one person might be a DNF for another. Just scrap the book off the list and move on.

Don't forget, read for fun! You shouldn't have to force yourself to read. There is no set amount of books that you HAVE to read. Just read because you WANT to read. Happy reading everyone!

If you are currently in a middle of a reading slump, why not pick up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Book YAbber and I are planning to have discussions about everything Harry Potter in December. Pottermas 2015 is a month long feature about our favorite series, Harry Potter. Join the read-a-long now and get out of your reading slump! Use the hashtag #Pottermas15 on social media. 


  1. These all sound like great tips, thanks for sharing them! I will definitely keep them in mind!

    When I am in a book slump I mostly check out other blogs and see what they're reading and writing about, it really inspires me! I also set deadlines for myself, which pushes me a little to get through the book and get more excited about what I am reading!

    But most of the time I LOVE reading and I get through the books with ease (unless they are absolutely horrid, haha).

    Happy Sunday!

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

    1. Thanks for the tip about checking other blogs. That definitely helps and I agree that it is inspirational.

  2. This is such a great post - especially since I'm in a reading slump right now. I have no idea what it is; possibly my lack of time? I'm actually listening to a workout playlist of music just so I'm able to blog. Slumps suck but for me, forcing myself to do something usually makes me more motivated to do it <3

    1. Thank you! I hope you get out of your reading slump soon.

  3. Yes, these are fabulous tips! I am a BIG proponent of "change of genre", it usually helps me. And if all else fails, Hunger Games rereads do not ;) Shocking, I know hahha. Sometimes I DO force myself to finish a book- like, if I have tried switching books a few times, and just KNOW it is a slump, I will read one (and force myself to keep reading one) that I wasn't insanely excited about. Sometimes pushing through helps, and the feeling of accomplishment gives me enough motivation to move onto the next book. Slumps are HARD.
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Genre change definitely helps me since I am a mood reader. And I don't blame you about resorting to The Hunger Games. Your Hunger Games is like my Harry Potter and I always re-read Harry Potter when I am having a very bad reading slump. I wish I can push myself to continue reading a book when I have a slump. I usually just become uninterested and will have to put the book down for awhile.

  4. I think watching booktube is the best medicine for a reading slump! That always makes me want to read! Although, at the same time I also tend to binge watch it... so that doesn't help ;)

    Cucie @ Cucie Reads

    1. I am always excited about what other people are reading especially when I watch BookTube. I also binge watch a lot of BookTube. Thanks for stopping by.