Thursday, March 31, 2016

Frontlist or Backlist: Do You Have a Preference?

With all the ARCs circling around, many bloggers want to read and review ARCs before the books are published. Frontlist titles are being promoted but what about the backlist titles? Although pre-order sales are important and so are the first week sales, we should also remember titles from the past.

I love promoting frontlist titles but I equally love promoting backlist titles. Sometimes I will read backlist titles because I want a break from all the current buzz books. Harry Potter is one series that I will re-read over and over again. Also, there are a lot of backlist titles that are on my TBR list I haven't had time to read. Sometimes I like to take a break from all of the ARC frenzy and reading books that are recently published. Sometimes I want to enjoy a book that is already published.

With an ARC, many people stress out about trying to read the ARC before the publication date. Of course you get to read the title before everyone else has a chance to get their hands on it, but will you be able to read it before the publication date? If a book is recently published, there are bound to be spoilers all over social media. Why rush to read a book? Reading is suppose to be relaxing. Savor each moment.

There is no pressure to read backlist titles. With a backlist title, you can sit back and enjoy the book without stressing out. Also, with a backlist title, the book will be fully edited compared to the ARC. With an ARC, everything isn't final. Often, the ARC is edited for typos and the plot and the characters often change. A finished copy is the final version.

Don't forget that ARCs aren't everything. All books will eventually be published. Learn to balance reading both frontlist and backlist titles. Reading should be a fun pastime. It shouldn't be stressful and it's not a chore. Enjoy the books you read. Cherish them and the time you spend reading.

So what do you enjoy reading? Do you prefer to read frontlist titles, backlist titles or both?


  1. I love this post! Such wise words. I admit fully that I have been failing at requesting fewer arcs because there are a lot of books I've been very excited about. BUT I'm trying to not make myself crazy with reading before release or out of any sense of obligation. My main goal with reading this year is just to read what I want when I want which, so far, has been good. I've had more books that I skim or don't finish because I'm not feeling them but it's refreshing to see my to read shelves rotating out (not quite at a point where I can say they're emptying . . . yet) and owned books dwindling as I let go of titles that don't work for me. I also definitely do try and want to actively read backlist titles which are often more useful to Librarian Me for reader's advisory. And since backlist covers anything older than 6 months, that's still a huge span of newish and shiny books to check out.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I am trying to read more backlist titles instead of throwing myself into the frenzy of ARCs. I totally agree about reading what you want to read when you want. It's quite refreshing.