Thursday, June 11, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap Part II

If you missed out my first BEA 2015 recap, check it out here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Selina and I both got up around 6:15 to get ready in the morning. We had breakfast at the hotel again before walking to the Javits. Of course we picked up the Show Daily and checked in our bags. Selina had the Adult Author's Breakfast so I ended up meeting Marci and Vania from Reading in the Tardis near Starbucks. Marci was super excited about the Eterna Files that I was able to get signed for her. I also gave Marci a few tickets for the Autographing Area. The three of us ended up looking through the Show Daily to plan out the day. It was nice meeting Marci and Vania since they live in Massachusetts. I met Marci on Goodreads through the BEA group and I find it amusing how we have a lot of mutual friends who have a huge love for Harry Potter. I swear, Harry Potter unites me with the best people ever.

We ended up heading upstairs to line up for the Exhibit Hall. My first stop was Scholastic to look for the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated version sampler which I managed to get right around 9:00. Yes, it's only a sampler but it's freaking Harry Potter! So of course I had to get it because it's gorgeous! I cannot wait for the finished copy to be out in October. How fitting for my October festivities?

The sampler is in full color and includes the Keeper of the Keys chapter complete with beautiful illustrations. This is just a sneak peak of the book but I want the book more after reading the sampler. Seriously, I cannot say no to more Harry Potter books. I do not collect all editions of Harry Potter like some others do. I pick and choose what editions I want to own because the costs add up. Also, I spend a good amount of my money investing into Harry Potter events. I love creating memories infused with the magic of Harry Potter. Selina and I actually met through MISTI-Con 2013 before we became BEA buddies. Harry Potter will never let me down! It encourages me to move forward and to experience the magic!

Right after hitting up Scholastic, I went to the Autographing Area to line up for Josephine Angelini's signing of Firewalker. I enjoyed Trial by Fire so I had to get my hands on Firewalker. Also, I wasn't able to meet Josephine last year so she was on my list of authors to meet this year. Waiting in the unofficial line paid off since I was near the front of the signing line and I was able to hop into two more lines right after I met Josephine. In a matter of 15 minutes, I met Josphine, Mary Kubica and A.S. King. I was so excited to meet Mary because it freed up my time for later in the afternoon and Pretty Baby sounds pretty amazing. I met A.S. King before but I wanted to see her again and to get I Crawl Through It.

I would say at least half the books I obtained this day were signed. I was able to pick up a couple of picture books, both signed at the Autographing Area. I was a little bummed that the line was so long for Jesse Eisenberg even with a ticket but there were so many other things I wanted to do on Thursday so it wasn't a huge deal. I was able to get my hands on a Shadowhunters tote bag as well as a sampler of Lady Midnight! I seriously cannot wait until Lady Midnight is released next March. I was so happy to get my hands on Infinite in Between and to meet Carolyn Mackler! This is one of my top things on my schedule and I was very happy the line was fairly short. Sometime afterwards, I went to line up for the drop of Simon Thorn and the Wolf's Den at Bloomsbury. I was very excited about this title even though it's middle grade.

The 2 o'clock hour was the most intense hour ever. I had three things going on at the same time and somehow I managed to make it to all three. I went to Penguin Random House right after the Bloomsbury stop and asked when I can line up to meet C. Alexander London. A publicist told me to go to the information desk in the center of the booth and that person told me to see another publicist at the first table I went to. Finally, I got information where I can line up. I was the first in line and I actually kind of felt bad because by the time the signing started, only six people were in line for the signing. Half the line included me, Vania and Marci. However, it was lovely to see Alex again. I meet him last year at BEA for a Guardian signing and now I was able to chat with him about his upcoming middle grade book, The Wild Ones, which is reminiscent of The Redwall series. Penguin even snapped a picture of Alex giving me my copy of The Wild Ones which I don't recall happening but it's on Twitter so it definitely happened. Now I am scared to see what other random pictures of me are floating on the internet.

Right after the signing, I went to Disney to pick up a cupcake, a Magnus Chase foam shield and a Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, The Sword of Summer sampler. The shield definitely doubles up as a butt pad and I also used it in my pillowcase to firm up the super soft pillows at the hotel when I was sleeping at night. I made a dash to HarperCollins to meet Soman Chainani for a signed poster of The Last Ever After and I also picked up an Ever button. I was surprised his line was so short.  I guess you can say the 2 o'clock hour was the Middle Grade hour.

Can I say that the Libba Bray line was super long? It pretty much wrapped along the front entrance of the Exhibit Hall. I was able to meet Melissa G. there who is a friend of Molly's. Nicole was there as well and I believe Nicole was holding Emma's spot since Emma was in another signing line at the time. I had to bail on the Libba Bray line because not only was it ticketed but the line was never-ending. Sometime in the afternoon, I also bumped into Kim from Book Munchies.

I ended up meeting up with Melissa and Elizabeth at the Bloggers/Authors meet up and was introduced to a few authors and bloggers. I was fortunate enough to meet up with Xander from Forever Bookish who is a huge Harry Potter fan as well. We connected on Twitter not too long ago and I was excited to finally meet him in person. We wandered around the Exhibit Hall sometime after Melissa and I went to line up for the After Alice drop at HarperCollins. I picked up a copy of A Little in Love right when I was waiting since Scholastic's booth was in the next aisle over from HarperCollin's.

I met up with Selina afterwards and we ended up checking out our luggage before walking back to the hotel. We cooked up some french toast and eggs for dinner before I ended up heading toward The New Yorker to meet up with Marci. Marci and I went to the restaurant there to meet up with Liza Wiemer which was nice because both of us were super excited to meet Liza and we were both excited about her debut novel, Hello? Day 2 was a success!

Marci, Liza and I at The New Yorker


  1. Sorry I missed you at the Libba Bray line--it was not, shall we say, my finest BEA hour! Fun fact: I went to grad school with Alex so I feel like we have even more in common now!

    1. Yeah, I heard that you were quite busy during the Libba Bray signing time. I love the fun fact that you and Alex went to grad school together!