Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publisher: Dutton Books
Publication date: September 29, 2011
Pages: 352
Source/format: Purchased/Paperback

Rating: ☆☆☆1/2
Synopsis (from

Lola Nolan is quirky and eccentric who doesn't conform to the mainstream. She dresses up in costumes because she loves to express herself in a non-conventional way. Life is perfect in San Francisco with her two dads, Andy and Nathan, and everything is perfect with her boyfriend, Max. However, the Bell twins move back into town and everything about Cricket Bell floods back to Lola's memory.

My Thoughts:

I am falling in love with this book and I definitely love this one more than Anna and the French Kiss. Anna and Étienne make a cameo in the book which is great since Stephanie Perkins bridges her companion novels together. I can still keep tabs on how Anna and Étienne are doing while reading about Lola and Cricket.

Perkins touches upon distinctive family dynamics in this novel especially when it pertains to Lola's family. It is nice to know that a family of four with a father, mother and two children living in a house with a white picket fence is not everyone's family. Because Lola's family is unique, it helps shape who she is today.

Lola is snarky but she is sweet at the same time. Cricket on the other hand is the perfect boy next door who is also an inventor. I loved him from the start compared to Étienne in Anna and the French Kiss. Why do I find it funny that Cricket pops into Lola's life at the most random times? It is adorable how he pines for her. I feel bad for Lola because she is emotionally confused throughout a good chunk of the novel. She has always liked Cricket but she has a boyfriend. It seems like everyone likes Cricket and it takes awhile for Lola to embrace what Cricket has to offer her. It took forever for Lola to finally admit her feelings for Cricket. And I mean forever!

" 'When I meet Anna, I was with someone else. And it took a long time before I found the courage to do the hard thing. But you have to do the hard things.'
I swallow. 'And what's the hard thing?'
'You have to be honest with yourself.' " 

Well said Étienne. Well said! Sometimes there are hard decisions you have to make in your life but being honest with yourself is important. You have to make the right decision and the right decision is not always the same for each person.

Cricket Bell is pretty much everything you can ask for in a guy. He is generous, sweet, understanding and genuinely cares for Lola. He is the type of guy that will go out of the way to make sure Lola is okay. Lola, be honest with yourself.

Perkins does an incredible job with the character development. Many of the characters are quite likable and Perkins writes some of the best contemporary romances. Lola and the Boy Next Door is the perfect coming-of-age novel that will complete your heart. Start the swooning now!


  1. *claps* Great review! I'm so happy to hear that you loved this book (I liked it a lot more than Anna myself!) and especially that you loved Lola and Cricket. They are definitely one of my favorite book couples of all time :)

    1. Lola and Cricket are becoming one of my favorite book couples too!