Saturday, June 6, 2015

MISTI-Con: Day 4 and Day 5

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Day 4

Sunday was packed full of activities and fun. I decided to wear my Weasley Wizarding Wheezes apron with a red dress and a black skirt. I woke up at a decent time and went to breakfast before attending An Introduction to the Dark Arts and Crafts: Needle Felting workshop at Belknap instructed by Nichole Kemsley. I am impressed how Nick was able to bring all the crafting supplies from Qatar to New Hampshire. She's such a good instructor too. I had no problems at all when I was following the steps of how to needle felt. Kira's mother was nice enough to donate some wool for the workshop as well. Jess and I had a lot of fun learning how to needle felt. We made a sorting hat and started a mini witch/wizard. Needle felting is easy to do and it's super relaxing. I see myself needle felting a lot of gifts in the future. I was able to start the base for Hermione's body and her hat. All other embellishments were added when I got home.

After the workshop, I stopped by the Common Room for Madam Malkins Clearance Rack. I picked up a couple of felted soaps before heading toward the Stitch and Witch workshop at Paugus. The great thing about Stitch and Witch is that attendees can bring in their crafts and work on crafty things while chatting with other people interested in the same thing. Snacks were provided as well which was a plus. Some people learned how to knit and I know a few learned how to spin yarn with a drop spindle. I was working on my little needle felted witch and left the workshop a bit early to attend a last minute Chris Rankin presentation at the Main Tent. It was nice to hear Chris Rankin read from his University thesis about Harry Potter Fandom. he also did a Q&A. For those who don't know, Chris Rankin played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films. I also saw an amazing Marauder's Map costume when leaving the Main Tent.

Chris Rankin went barefoot at his presentation

Marauder's Map costume
I met my boyfriend near the Gazebo Beach Bar to get some food. Before more programming, my boyfriend and I found a Ford Anglia!!! Now this is quite serious! Only at an HP convention will you find something as awesome as this. I did find a couple cars with HP themed vanity plates like one with Quaffle on it.

Afterwards, we both headed to What's Your Cuppa Tea panel that my sister was presenting. I also popped into part of Dressing like a Malfoy on a Weasley Budget: The Essentials of Thrifty Costuming panel. Both panels were quite informative.

Quite a lot of people attended the tea panel
I went the a HP Fandom in Japan panel for about 20 minutes before venturing upstairs to the main lobby where I chatted with Krissy, Cecilia and a bunch of other people before heading back to the hotel room to relax. I caught the last 15 minutes of the Costumed Tea with the Malfoys which was quite fun. It was an informal get together with everyone drinking tea and catching up. Christina and I went to the Common Room to bring leftover tea bags and snacks for others to enjoy. The great thing is that my room is in the same building as the Common Room so I went back to my room to get ready for the Ball. I also snacked on some food before heading outside. My boyfriend and I wandered around the grounds before heading to the Main Tent. I had a blast at the Ball as always. The decorations were amazing, the HP themed drinks were good and everyone loved the photo booth.

How awesome is this? The recreation of tasks in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Well minus the flying keys.

My sister and I at the photo booth.
A lot of people were dressed up for the ball and I loved seeing everyone's costume. Of course I saw Wormtail, Lockhart, Auror Harry, a couple of Severus Snapes and even Voldemort. The night went on until maybe a little bit after 10:00. There were many after parties that started at 11:00 and went until 2:00. I ended up going back to the room to change and shower before popping into the various parties. There was a dance party, Disney/broadway singalong, a karaoke room and a bunch of people were hanging out all night long. When I popped into the karaoke room, one of the Snapes I have encountered was singing and the people at the Disney/broadway room were belting out to a RENT number. I eventually made my way to the main lobby and was able to play Cards Against Muggles with my boyfriend, Krissy, Ni and a few other people. Can I say this game is sometimes mildly disturbing but it's so freaking hilarious and addicting? I am glad I was able to test it out at MISTI before playing it in the Muggle world.

I love this picture of Snape and Voldie.

Day 5

Monday was the last day of MISTI. I woke up around 9 something and packed the rest of my things before checking out of the hotel. The Leaving Feast was in the Main Tent and everyone was so emotional. No one wanted to leave and return to the Muggle world. MISTI is magic. It creates bonds no other fandom can create. MISTI creates long lasting meaningful friendships. Even though everyone was sad to leave, we all knew that we can reunite at MISTI 2017! Yes, there will be another MISTI and I hope I will see you there! I hope you enjoyed my recaps of my MISTI-Con 2015 trip.

I see Snape at the Leaving Feast!!!



    1. Definitely! I am still surprised how I managed 5 days of MISTI and then 3 days of BEA pretty much straight in a row.