Thursday, June 4, 2015

MISTI-Con: Day 2

Check out Day 1 of my MISTI-Con adventures here.

Day 2: Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday was the first full day of MISTI-Con. So I forgot to mention that I picked up a homemade version of Cards Against Humanity but Harry Potter style. It's called Cards Against Muggles and it is seriously addicting. It became pretty popular at MISTI and it was sold out the first day. I believe the creator is adding people to a mailing list when a second batch will be made.

I had no problem waking up on time to get ready in my Hogwarts uniform and robes. Breakfast was decent before I was off to my first class...or should I say panel. My first panel was the Wizarding World of HP Universal Creative panel which was one of my favorite panels at MISTI. I met up with Dave, Krissy and a couple other people at the Blackstone Lounge. Three designers who help design the set for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWoHP) were there to show us how they planned and designed the sets for two of the WWoHP. There was a lovely Q&A at the end of the panel as well. The Portrait Room actually included some creative crew members in the photos which is a nice touch. All the paintings were hand painted in oil paints! I have been to the WWoHP in Orlando, Florida so I had a slight idea about some of the things they were talking about. The creative team definitely makes me want to visit WWoHP again, especially since I haven't seen Diagon Alley yet. Thank you Keith Hawk of Mugglenet for making this panel happen!

Wizarding World of HP Universal Creative panel
My boyfriend and I decided to walk around the grounds before heading to the Intro to Fandom Quilting workshop in Paugus. What I love about quilting is that it is exploratory. You can improvise and come up with something fabulous. Robin Johns Grant was our instructor and she showed us some of her amazing fandom quilts. I chose an always doe square and my boyfriend chose an owl square. What I love about crafting is how relaxing it is.

Intro to Fandom Quilting workshop
MISTI is pretty good at scheduling lunch and dinner breaks into their schedule. Most conventions do not have meal times and programming overlaps. MISTI is about having fun, to reunite with old friends and to meet new friends. By having these meal breaks, everyone can relax and catch up with one another.

After a quick bite to eat, my boyfriend and I headed to From the Closet to Cosplay: A Beginner's Guide to Costuming on a Budget roundtable at Belknap. Krissy Kelly, Christina and Ni were leading the roundtable. It was nice to hear about how to create a fabulous cosplay on the cheap. There are so many places to find nice everyday pieces that can be also used as cosplay pieces. You don't need to spend a lot of money to put something together that is amazing and unique.

A little bit before 5:00, my boyfriend and I headed down to the Pavilion to get good seats for the Merlie Costume Superlative Showcase. Although it was a bit windy today, the showcase went pretty well. There were some amazing costumes that were shown off. What I loved the most about the showcase was the little surprise at the end. A woman proposed to her boyfriend in front of everyone on stage! Of course he said yes! It was so heartfelt and definitely the perfect ending to the showcase.

Dinner was calling so my boyfriend and I went to grab some food with Alberto, Jess and Krissy at Fratello's. I love love Fratello's! They have some scrumptious food and they have huge portions. I ended up eating half my pesto chicken pappadelle for dinner and decided to save the rest for the next day.

I didn't have much planned for the rest of Friday night but I definitely took advantage of the free time to meet up with people in the Common Room and the Main Lobby. I was pretty exhausted after Day 2 and went to bed later than I planned. Overall, Day 2 went quite well! I even met the Night Bus girl aka my sister!

Krissy and I

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