Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MISTI-Con: The Beginning

Day 1: May 21, 2015

The night before MISTI-Con 2015, I had pretty much everything all packed up for the trip. My boyfriend and I left a little bit later than we wanted to on Thursday, May 21th but arrived a decent to time to Margate Resort to pick up badges. It seriously didn't hit me that I was on holiday until I arrived at the Margate, saw familiar faces and squeed about everything Harry Potter.

So sometime after registration, my friend Jill spotted me going into the Lakeside building. A week prior to MISTI, I asked Jill if she can do be a huge favor. Jill was able to pick up a copy of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, the yellow collector's edition, from Canada since Jill lives in Canada. I was super excited about this because my plan is to collect all three Fangirl copies that just got released.

My awesome copy of Fangirl!
I attended a panel on the first day after lunch. Cecilia Tan had an informative panel about using tarot cards for storytelling and writing. I enjoyed the panel and I hope to read more about tarot cards. The hotel room was perfect. This year I opted for a Lakeview room in the Lakeside building. Not only did I have an awesome view of Lake Winnipesaukee, but it was just the perfect location to people watch. The Gazebo Beach Bar was the perfect place for my boyfriend and I to watch the sunset while eating dinner along the water. It was absolutely amazing and romantic and the same time.

Beautiful sunset near Lake Winnipesaukee
My sister opted for the Inn aka Slyther-Inn. The Margate is seriously the best place to host MISTI. Not only does the Margate have a Black Lake and a Slyther-Inn but the layout of the Margate is perfect for a magical experience.  Each room had a certain name like Room of Prophecies, there is a tunnel that connects two buildings, the main lobby is perfect for the MISTI fountain and the Mariah room was the best room for common room complete with a fireplace.

The amazing MISTI-Con fountain 
I missed most of the Opening Gala at night but I made sure to go outside of the main tent to watch the spectacular fireworks. It was definitely a great way to open MISTI-Con. Check out for more MISTI-Con recaps later this week.

Some fantastic fireworks on the lawn at the Margate

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