Saturday, October 31, 2015

Harry Potter Salem Wizarding Halloween Ball

Halloween (All Hallow's Eve) is the day when the veil is thin between the two worlds of the living and the dead. On the last day of October, this day is celebrated. However, every since I read the Harry Potter series, Halloween is also the day James and Lily Potter sacrificed their lives for Harry! And because of this, let's talk about the Harry Potter Salem Wizarding Halloween Ball. Let's say a lot of characters were resurrected for the night.

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, after the Boston Book Festival, Elizabeth from Book YAbber and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Harry Potter Wizarding Halloween Ball in Salem. This is my fourth year attending and Elizabeth's first. And boy this is definitely not Elizabeth's last Harry Potter event. The Harry Potter fandom community is always welcoming and they comprise of all ages. Also, I have feel like a lot of Harry Potter events are more like reunions but the events also allow room to make new friends.

After the Boston Book Festival, Elizabeth and I got ready at her place for the Ball and took an Uber to Salem. The night was a bit chilly but it was a perfect October night. All I can say is that the ball was a success full of chit chats with old friends and the making of new friends. I saw Voldie dancing with Bellatrix. Professor McGonagall made an appearance and I even saw a snitch zooming around a couple of Quidditch players. Plenty of people were dolled up in house robes.

I was super excited my sister was able to attend since she just moved yesterday. Also, the potions bar had some very fierce wizarding drinks. However, one of the bartenders had a heavier pour than the other and of course I preferred the latter for the tastier drinks.

All photos taken above is by
For those are interested of what types of drinks were available, check the picture below. I definitely want to experiment making Butterbeer and maybe a few other drinks on the list for a future Harry Potter get together.

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