Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top Ten Books I've Read So Far In 2015


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten Tuesday asks bloggers to list their top ten books they've read so far in 2015. Contemporaries seem to be a win for me with a few other genres scattered in between. The following books are in no particular order.

1. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han is perfection! It starts right after where To All the Boys I've Loved Before left off. If you read To All the Boys I've Loved Before, you must read P.S. I Still Love You!

2. Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone is a contemporary about a girl who has OCD. This is a fantastic coming-of-age novel about acceptance.

3. Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee is a historical fiction novel about friendship and survival. Definitely pick up this debut novel!

4. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is a cute romantic contemporary. You will fall for Cricket Bell. Trust me on that.

5. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord made me cry twice! I don't think I ever read a book that made me cry that many times. The ending is perfection!

6. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales is a coming-of-age story about a misfit girl who finds her calling in music. She brings people together through music as well.

7. Something Real by Heather Demetrios is a contemporary novel about how being on a TV show affects the lives of the family members, especially the teenagers within the family.

8. Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead is the last book the in Bloodlines series and it was the perfect ending to the series.

9. Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff has an amazing playlist of songs to listen to while reading the book. It echoes The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

10. Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson is a solid first novel in this dystopian series. Check it out!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Disney Book Tag

This tag was created by Katytastic over on YouTube to celebrate the release of The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz. I found this tag on Stefani's blog, Caught Read Handed. Vintage posters are from Strongstuff.net (Tom Whalen) and the vintage fashion Disney Princesses are found on rebloggy.com (Disney Designer Collection)

1. The Little Mermaid – a character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water” 

Lainey Young from the Sententia series by Cara Bertrand finds out she has a special gift and not just any gift. Her gift is quite deadly. She learns how to control her gift at a boarding school.

2. Cinderella – a character who goes through a major transformation

Sydney Sage from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead used to despise vampires whether they are Moroi or Dhamphirs but she ends up falling in love with one. Her views about vampires and Alchemists have shifted dramatically from Bloodlines to The Ruby Circle.

3. Snow White – a book with an eclectic cast of characters

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins has an diverse cast of characters. Lola is eccentric and marches to the beat of her own drum, her friend Lindsey is Asian and Lola has two fathers.

4. Sleeping Beauty – a book that put you to sleep

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer is one of the most boring books I ever had to read. Unfortunately, I had to finish reading it because it was a summer reading book for 11th grade English class.

5. The Lion King – a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

I have to agree with Stefani about Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter survived a death no other Wizard, Witch or Muggle has survived before.

6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare is one beast of a book. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated to read the finale to The Mortal Instruments series but I enjoyed the book very much. It was the perfect ending to the series.

7. Aladdin – a character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse

Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games is able to take Prim's place in order to keep Prim safe. If you would like to know whether the wish is granted for better or worse, check out the Hunger Games trilogy.

8. Mulan – a character who pretends to be someone or something they are not

Violetta from The Young Elites by Marie Lu pretends she is innocent but she hides a secret that is fairly shocking. I can't tell you what her secret is but if you want to find out, check out The Young Elites.

9. Toy Story – a book with characters you wish would come to life 

I would love to meet the characters from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, especially Cath and Levi. I need them in my life! Fanfic, Simon Snow and Pumpkin Mocha Breves all the time. Sign me up!

10. Disney Descendants – your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character 

Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling is not necessary a villain but I agree he is a morally ambiguous character.

Image from justjaredjr.com
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Emma from Miss Print 
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Nicole and Sophia from Quality Fangirls
Christine from Padfoot's Library

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Publisher: Dutton Books
Publication date: September 29, 2011
Pages: 352
Source/format: Purchased/Paperback

Rating: ☆☆☆1/2
Synopsis (from Goodreads.com):

Lola Nolan is quirky and eccentric who doesn't conform to the mainstream. She dresses up in costumes because she loves to express herself in a non-conventional way. Life is perfect in San Francisco with her two dads, Andy and Nathan, and everything is perfect with her boyfriend, Max. However, the Bell twins move back into town and everything about Cricket Bell floods back to Lola's memory.

My Thoughts:

I am falling in love with this book and I definitely love this one more than Anna and the French Kiss. Anna and Étienne make a cameo in the book which is great since Stephanie Perkins bridges her companion novels together. I can still keep tabs on how Anna and Étienne are doing while reading about Lola and Cricket.

Perkins touches upon distinctive family dynamics in this novel especially when it pertains to Lola's family. It is nice to know that a family of four with a father, mother and two children living in a house with a white picket fence is not everyone's family. Because Lola's family is unique, it helps shape who she is today.

Lola is snarky but she is sweet at the same time. Cricket on the other hand is the perfect boy next door who is also an inventor. I loved him from the start compared to Étienne in Anna and the French Kiss. Why do I find it funny that Cricket pops into Lola's life at the most random times? It is adorable how he pines for her. I feel bad for Lola because she is emotionally confused throughout a good chunk of the novel. She has always liked Cricket but she has a boyfriend. It seems like everyone likes Cricket and it takes awhile for Lola to embrace what Cricket has to offer her. It took forever for Lola to finally admit her feelings for Cricket. And I mean forever!

" 'When I meet Anna, I was with someone else. And it took a long time before I found the courage to do the hard thing. But you have to do the hard things.'
I swallow. 'And what's the hard thing?'
'You have to be honest with yourself.' " 

Well said Étienne. Well said! Sometimes there are hard decisions you have to make in your life but being honest with yourself is important. You have to make the right decision and the right decision is not always the same for each person.

Cricket Bell is pretty much everything you can ask for in a guy. He is generous, sweet, understanding and genuinely cares for Lola. He is the type of guy that will go out of the way to make sure Lola is okay. Lola, be honest with yourself.

Perkins does an incredible job with the character development. Many of the characters are quite likable and Perkins writes some of the best contemporary romances. Lola and the Boy Next Door is the perfect coming-of-age novel that will complete your heart. Start the swooning now!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Taylor Swift Book Tag

So The Taylor Swift Book Tag has been floating around on Booktube community and on blogs. The Book Life originally created the tag. Thank you Emma from Miss Print for tagging me!

1. For ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ pick a book (or book series) that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with. 

House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. When I first started reading this series, I fell in love but after reading 8 books in the series, I knew it was time to stop reading the books. It was time for me to move on.

2. For ‘Red’ pick a book with a RED cover. 

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. I saw the film adaptation first but I enjoyed reading the book. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it means a lot to me since I saw both Battle Royale and the Hunger Games during my 25th birthday with friends. It was the first time Battle Royale was released in theaters in the US.

3. For ‘The Best Day’ pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell reminds me of the days my sister and I read Harry Potter fan fiction back in high school. I remember lining up for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my sister. My sister and I still share a love for Harry Potter and Fangirl captures my emotions for a love of a fandom. It is very nostalgic. I loved the book so much that I sent a copy to my sister. She fell in love with it just like how I did.

4. For ‘Love Story’ pick a book with forbidden love.

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski because the love between Kestral and Arin are there but due to politics, they can not be together without repercussions. 

5. For ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love.

Everyone thinks Severus Snape is bad until reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Severus is just misunderstood. 

6. For ‘Innocent’ (written b/c of Kanye West!) pick a book that someone ruined the ending for.

Allegiant had spoilers all over the place, especially since I did not read the book right away after it was published.

7. For ‘Everything has changed’ pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development. 

Harry Potter is no longer a 11-year-old boy who just found out he is a wizard. I love joining Harry on his magical journey throughout 7 books. He has finally become an adult and learned a lot through his adventures and mistakes. Even though I was frustrated at times with Harry, he grew up! I enjoyed not only watching Harry grow up but also enjoyed watching his peers mature and become the men and women they are today. Even the adults went through extensive character development.

8. For ‘You Belong With Me’ pick your most anticipated book release. 

Soundless by Richelle Mead is one of my more anticipated book releases of the year. The synopsis sounds great and I am curious about Mead writing a standalone since she is a master with series.

9. For ‘Forever and Always’ – Pick your favourite book couple 

Sydney and Adrian from the Bloodlines series is my OTP. I love the growth of both characters from the throughout a few of the Vampire Academy books and throughout all of the Bloodlines series. It's perfect how The Ruby Circle ends with "Always."

10. For ‘Begin Again pick a series that deserves a second chance.

The Maze Runner series. I stopped probably halfway but I would love to give it another go.

Image from Pinterest

11. For Wonderland pick a book that features your favorite fictional world.

This is a no brainer for me but Hogwarts is the place I would love visit. I include Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade with the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Image from favim.com

12. For Last Kiss pick a series that you’re not ready to let go, even though it ended

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling because it's freaking Harry Potter! Even though the series ended, Harry still lives on! He will live on forever!

Image from mshshurricane.com

13.  For Clean pick a series where you’re glad it’s over.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris was going on and on and the quality and substance of the series was going down hill when it started to hit the double digits.

14. For Wildest Dreams pick your favorite fictional guy–it’s preferred but he doesn’t have to be a bad boy

John Ambrose McClaren from P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han is definitely one of my favorite fictional guys. I am still not over about Lara Jean's decision at the end of the book because Johnny is perfect! He is such a gentleman!

15. For Enchanted pick a book you found by chance that you ended up loving.

Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee is a book I read by chance. I am not big on westerns but this book caught me by surprise and I fell in love with it.

16. For All You Had to Do Was Stay pick a book you didn’t finish that you wish you had given another chance.

Legend by Marie Lu. I couldn't get into the book the first time I tried reading it. Maybe I need to give it another chance.

17. For ‘Come Back, Be Here’ pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much. 

UK edition special collector's edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell means a lot to me. Not only is the UK version gorgeous but Fangirl is one of my favorite books of all time because of what Fangirl means to me. I was even able to meet Rainbow last year where she signed my copy of the book. I will lend out my other copies of Fangirl if someone wants to read it. I will not let this copy be out of my sight.

Image from Book Depository

18. For Teardrops on My Guitar’ pick a book that made me cry a lot

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord made me cry twice. I cried when I read about a certain death in the novel and I also cried at end of the book. This book made me so emotional but I absolutely love The Start of Me and You! It is such a heartfelt book.

19. For Shake it Off pick a book I love so much that I just shake off the haters

I don't think I love a book so much that others hate a lot. 

20. For Blank Space pick my favorite autographed book

Please see #17.

21. For Today was a Fairy Tale pick my favorite retelling

I haven't read a lot of Fairy Tale retellings but I enjoyed Enchanted by Alethea Kontis.

I tag the following people:

Melissa from Novelty Podcast
Elizabeth from Novelty Podcast and BookYAbber
Ashley from Books to the Tea
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Margie from Bumbles and Fairy-Tales
Nicole and Sophia from Quality Fangirls
Christine from Padfoot's Library

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking Ahead: Cover Reveals #2

This week has been a week full of MG and YA cover reveals. Not only are the covers pretty amazing but the covers definitely gives readers something to look forward to while they wait for these fantastic upcoming releases. Which cover reveal is your favorite and why?

On Monday YA Books Central released the cover art for Ravenous by MarcyKate Connolly. This stunning cover compliments companion novel, Monstrous, well. This beautiful cover art has the perfect color palette and a lovely hand drawn illustration.

Title: Ravenous
Author: MarcyKate Connolly
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Publication date:  February 9, 2016

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

A witch has come to the city of Bryre. She travels in a hut that has chicken feet, and is ravenous for children. And once she gets what she desires, she never lets it go. 

But when the witch captures Hans, Greta’s little brother, Greta refuses to let her have him. The two strike up a bargain. Greta will retrieve something the witch desires in exchange for her brother’s freedom. 

To get the prize Greta must travel to Belladoma—a city where she was once held captive—which brings back terrible memories. With the help of a new friend, Dalen, a magical half-boy and half-horse, Greta embarks on the journey and tries to overcome both foes and her own weaknesses.

For fans of Monstrous and new readers alike comes the story of an epic quest and a heroine who will stop at nothing to save the one she loves most. 

On Thursday USA Today revealed somewhat of the cover art for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan and illustrated by John Rocco. I love the colors John Rocco chose and I am very curious about the plot to the new series. I know very little of Norse mythology and I am to join Magnus Chase's journey. The gradient in the background is perfect!

Title: The Sword of Summer
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication date:  October 6, 2015

Synopsis (from Goodreads): 

Magnus Chase has always been a troubled kid. Since his mother’s mysterious death, he’s lived alone on the streets of Boston, surviving by his wits, keeping one step ahead of the police and the truant officers.

One day, he’s tracked down by a man he’s never met—a man his mother claimed was dangerous. The man tells him an impossible secret: Magnus is the son of a Norse god.

The Viking myths are true. The gods of Asgard are preparing for war. Trolls, giants and worse monsters are stirring for doomsday. To prevent Ragnarok, Magnus must search the Nine Worlds for a weapon that has been lost for thousands of years.

When an attack by fire giants forces him to choose between his own safety and the lives of hundreds of innocents, Magnus makes a fatal decision.

Sometimes, the only way to start a new life is to die . . .

So this cover reveal was from last Friday but it's still worth mentioning. USA Today revealed the cover for Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner which is the third book in the Starbound trilogy. The cover is gorgeous! I have not read the first two books in the trilogy but I have heard good things about both novels.

Title: Their Fractured Light
Authors: Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication date:  December 1, 2015

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

A year ago, Flynn Cormac and Jubilee Chase made the now infamous Avon Broadcast, calling on the galaxy to witness for their planet, and protect them from destruction. Some say Flynn’s a madman, others whisper about conspiracies. Nobody knows the truth. A year before that, Tarver Merendsen and Lilac LaRoux were rescued from a terrible shipwreck—now, they live a public life in front of the cameras, and a secret life away from the world’s gaze.

Now, in the center of the universe on the planet of Corinth, all four are about to collide with two new players, who will bring the fight against LaRoux Industries to a head. Gideon Marchant is an eighteen-year-old computer hacker—a whiz kid and an urban warrior. He’ll climb, abseil and worm his way past the best security measures to pull off onsite hacks that others don’t dare touch.

Sofia Quinn has a killer smile, and by the time you’re done noticing it, she’s got you offering up your wallet, your car, and anything else she desires. She holds LaRoux Industries responsible for the mysterious death of her father and is out for revenge at any cost.

When a LaRoux Industries security breach interrupts Gideon and Sofia’s separate attempts to infiltrate their headquarters, they’re forced to work together to escape. Each of them has their own reason for wanting to take down LaRoux Industries, and neither trusts the other. But working together might be the best chance they have to expose the secrets LRI is so desperate to hide.

On Tuesday Publishers Weekly revealed the cover for Pax by Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Jon Klassen. The color scheme of muted tones works well with the synopsis of the book and the book is meant to be a timeless classic.

Title: Pax
Author: Pennypacker
Publisher: Balzer and Bray
Publication date:  February 2, 2016

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Pax was only a kit when his family was killed, and “his boy” Peter rescued him from abandonment and certain death. Now the war front approaches, and when Peter’s father enlists, Peter has to move in with his grandpa. Far worse than being forced to leave home is the fact that Pax can’t go. Peter listens to his stern father—as he usually does—and throws Pax’s favorite toy soldier into the woods. When the fox runs to retrieve it, Peter and his dad get back in the car and leave him there—alone. But before Peter makes it through even one night under his grandfather’s roof, regret and duty spur him to action; he packs for a trek to get his best friend back and sneaks into the night. This is the story of Peter, Pax, and their independent struggles to return to one another against all odds. 

Told from the alternating viewpoints of Peter and Pax, this story truly showcases Sara’s mastery of characterization and her fluent ability to pay off small yet beautiful details. The conflicts that Peter faces are mostly internal and center around the anger that has affected both him and his father in the wake of his mother’s unexpected death. Peter can’t shake his grandfather’s claim that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” when he wants so badly to distinguish himself from his closed-off father. Pax’s hardships, on the other hand, are more external; his domestication has left him an unskilled hunter and misled him as to the true nature of men. However, it is the beautifully-crafted characters that Peter and Pax encounter on their separate journeys who ultimately help the protagonists find what they are looking for, in addition to each other. These distinctive and multi-dimensional individuals leave a rare kind of impression on the reader while subtly infusing it with themes of loyalty, self-worth, denial, and truth. 

PAX is ready to become a universal and timeless classic, like CHARLOTTE’S WEB, to be read and discussed by whole communities and generations to come.

On Monday Penguin Teen revealed the cover art to The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury. It's interesting that pastels were chosen. I do like the cover art overall but I expected richer and bolder colors on the cover.

Title: The Forbidden Wish
Author: Jessica Khoury
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication date:  February 23, 2016

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

When Aladdin discovers Zahra's jinni lamp, Zahra is thrust back into a world she hasn't seen in hundreds of years -- a world where magic is forbidden and Zahra's very existence is illegal. She must disguise herself to stay alive, using ancient shape-shifting magic, until her new master has selected his three wishes.

But when the King of the Jinn offers Zahra a chance to be free of her lamp forever, she seizes the opportunity—only to discover she is falling in love with Aladdin. When saving herself means betraying him, Zahra must decide once and for all: is winning her freedom worth losing her heart?

As time unravels and her enemies close in, Zahra finds herself suspended between danger and desire in this dazzling retelling of Arabian Nights from acclaimed author Jessica Khoury.

On Wednesday Barnes & Noble revealed the cover to What We Left Behind by Robin Talley. The cover definitely screams contemporary and I am looking forward to reading this novel.

Title: What We Left Behind
Author: Robin Talley
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication date:  October 27, 2015

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

What We Left Behind follows a teen couple—Gretchen, who identifies as a lesbian, and Toni, who identifies as genderqueer—as they struggle to stay together during their first year in college, despite the growing rift caused by distance and Toni's shifting gender identity.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

Title: None of the Above
Author: I.W. Gregorio
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Publication date: April 7, 2015
Pages: 352
Source/format: Library/Hardcover

Rating: ☆☆☆1/2

Synopsis (from Goodreads.com): 

A groundbreaking story about a teenage girl who discovers she was born intersex... and what happens when her secret is revealed to the entire school. Incredibly compelling and sensitively told, None of the Above is a thought-provoking novel that explores what it means to be a boy, a girl, or something in between.

What if everything you knew about yourself changed in an instant?

When Kristin Lattimer is voted homecoming queen, it seems like another piece of her ideal life has fallen into place. She's a champion hurdler with a full scholarship to college and she's madly in love with her boyfriend. In fact, she's decided that she's ready to take things to the next level with him.  But Kristin's first time isn't the perfect moment she's planned—something is very wrong. A visit to the doctor reveals the truth: Kristin is intersex, which means that though she outwardly looks like a girl, she has male chromosomes, not to mention boy "parts."

Dealing with her body is difficult enough, but when her diagnosis is leaked to the whole school, Kristin's entire identity is thrown into question. As her world unravels, can she come to terms with her new self?

My Thoughts:

Kristin (Krissy) Lattimer finds out she is intersex when she takes the next step in her relationship with her boyfriend, Max. However, a close friend tells her boyfriend about Krissy's condition. Krissy being intersex spreads like wildfire at school and most people are not open to who Krissy is.

I.W. Gregorio not only educated me in what intersex means but she also touched upon bullying at school. Teenagers can be cruel. Most of the time it's because they are jealous, they feel better if they put others down or it's because they don't fully understand what it is like to be in someone's shoes. Most people don't know what intersex is so instead of educating themselves about what it means to be intersex, people come up with their own conclusions of what it means. What I found refreshing is the fact that Krissy's father supported Krissy throughout the whole book. I don't often find books where the parents are supportive of their children and are seen in a positive light.

I am disappointed in Max and the way he treats Krissy. If he is going to be so closed minded, then he doesn't deserve Krissy at all. Darren on the other hand is more open minded but he was never that open minded when he was younger. Because of Darren's father coming out when Darren was younger, it has helped Darren become more accepting of others.

Gregorio was meant to meet the intersex patient she had in order to tell the story of what it means to be intersex. Gregorio is meant to educate everyone about what intersex means. She does not gloss over terminology and she accurately explains everything to the reader so the reader fully understands what Krissy is learning and experiencing.

None of the Above is an emotional coming-of-age story about self-discovery. Krissy is strong and overcomes many obstacles throughout her last year of high school. With her father, her close friends, her doctors and a few members from a support group, Krissy is able to charge and to reach higher. None of the Above is an important book for everyone to read. Gregorio's debut novel is well written and I look forward to reading future books by her.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Top Ten Books On My TBR For Summer 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten Tuesday asks bloggers to list ten books they plan to have on their TBR list for the summer of 2015. So my summer will kick into high gear at work soon so I am not sure how many of the following books I will be reading but I would love to read a good chunk of these books this summer. The following books are in no particular order.

1. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins because I just finished Lola and the Boy Next Door and I want to hear about Isla's story.

2. Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson because the book screams summer! I mean look at the cover art! Summer, summer, summer time!!!

3. Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer because my friend Molly mentioned the book is perfect for summer and is nostalgic about summer camp and friendship.

4. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord because I heard great things about it and I cannot wait to read it. This will probably be my next read.

5. Tonight the Street Are Ours by Leila Sales because I fell in love with This Song Will Save Your Life and I need to read more books by Ms. Sales.

6. Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone because Every Last Word blew me away and I definitely need to check out this awesome book!

7. Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly because the Ravenous cover art was revealed yesterday and it makes me want to read Monstrous even more and so I can count the days until Ravenous is out! Plus the synopsis sounds cute and I can't wait to meet Kym.

8. Hello? by Liza Wiemer because not only does the book sound fantastic but Liza is such a sweetheart. I look forward to reading Hello?

9. Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell because I am need of a fairytale retelling but this time steampunk style. How stunning is this cover?

10. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee because it brings back memories from middle school. I NEED this book! I already have it pre-ordered :D.