Monday, October 31, 2016

How to Hang a Witch Book Signing Event

Happy Halloween everyone. I figured I will recap one of the book events I recently attended in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts! I was fortunate enough to attend book event where Adriana Mather, a descendant of Witch Trials Judge Cotton Mather, and author of How to Hang A Witch. You can read my review about the book here.

Adriana discussed about her lineage, the Salem Witch Trials and answered some audience's questions during the book event hosted by Wicked Good Books at the Hawthorne Hotel. Salem is a charming little town in the Northshore of Massachusetts and is one of my local book stores. And of course it's the perfect time to have a  paranormal witchy book event during the month of October.

I arrived to Salem quite early after work and meandered down the streets of downtown while soaking the autumn colors and the magic of Salem. The Hawthorne Hotel hosted a contest to guest the weight of this gigantic pumpkin in order to win a one night stay at the hotel. How many pounds do you think this pumpkin weighs?

I ended up meeting Isalys and her husband in the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel and we proceeded upstairs to the Essex Room. The event was quite intimate and the audience was treated to cider and donuts which added the perfect flair to the night.

Adriana wore a light weight flowy black dress and she started the night with a talk about the history of the Salem Witch Trials. It was interesting hearing her talk about her ancestors and what had happened within Salem back in the 1600s. This history is crucial to setting the plot of her story in How to Hang a Witch. I was quite excited to finally meet her and in Salem of all places. Salem is the ideal location for a signing for her book, especially because the setting of the book takes place in Salem. After Adriana's talk, everyone lined up to for the signing. She is super nice and I was so glad to finally meet her. I brought along my ARC to get signed but I also purchased a finished copy.

Wicked Good Books has been throwing some lovely signing events in the past couple years and I am very excited to attend more local events instead of trekking to Boston. Check out my Halloween Teen Scream recap here. Halloween Teen Scream was hosted by Wicked Good Books last year at the Hawthorne Hotel featuring Gena Showalter, Kady Cross and Amy Lukavics.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic event! I would have loved to have been there. I've never been to Salem, but I've always been fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials, so I'd love to visit the city someday. Truly a great place to have this book event. I still need to read this one - it sounds wonderful.


    1. Definitely try to visit Salem sometime in your lifetime! It's such a fun place to visit and there is so much to do!